· April, 2007

Stories about Ukraine from April, 2007

Ukraine: Opposition Rally

  30 April 2007

Ukrainiana posts pictures from a recent opposition rally in Kyiv and writes: “As the rally drew to a close, it started raining lightly. A group of opposition supporters headed for the Counter-Maidan and streamed past it unobstructed, with 0.0 casualties. Sorry, Mr. Yanukovych, no civil war. Just a civil walk.”

Ukraine: Politics Roundup

  27 April 2007

Dan McMinn's roundup of recent Ukrainian political developments gets a life of its own, as usual, as the comments start coming in (31, so far).

Ukraine: Chernobyl

  25 April 2007

MoldovAnn takes photographer Michael Forster Rothbart along on a trip to the Chernobyl-affected areas and posts an account that's both informative and poignant, and comes just days before the 21st anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl Catastrophe: “I felt very sad walking around, looking at the crumbling walls, thinking of everything...

Ukraine: “Maidan 2.2″

  24 April 2007

Taras of Ukrainiana got soaked in the rain last Friday on his way to “Maidan 2.2″ and didn't really expect many opposition supporters to show up at the rally at Kyiv's European Square. But – “not only did the sun come shining brightly, but so did the Orange crowd. I...

Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko's Article

  24 April 2007

Taras Kuzio discusses Yulia Tymoshenko's lengthy Foreign Affairs piece – and her allegedly good command of English: “In Tymoshenko’s case we can thank her growing knowledge of English on my home region of Yorkshire which produced her rock n’roll son-in-law.”

Ukraine, Poland: Euro 2012

  19 April 2007

The beatroot and Vilhelm Konnander write about problems facing Poland and Ukraine as they are beginning to prepare to host Euro 2012.

Ukraine: Kyiv Developments

  19 April 2007

Foreign Notes and Ukrainiana run brief summaries of the recent developments in Ukraine; Abdymok.net posts a picture of riot police near the Central Election Committee: it may appear that Kyiv has begun to resemble Moscow.

Ukraine, Poland: Euro 2012

  18 April 2007

Ukraine and Poland will be hosting Euro 2012, Siberian Light reports: “Just over half of the matches in the tournament will be played in Poland but, to compensate, Ukraine will host the final of Euro 2012 in the Kiev Olympic Stadium.”

Ukraine: Stanik and Other Mess

  18 April 2007

As the Constitutional Court seems to be working on the parliament dissolution case, Abdymok.net and Ukrainiana write about Justice Suzanna Stanik's corrupted career. Foreign Notes notes a few other political developments and concludes: “Should all be sorted by Christmas then..”

Ukraine, Romania: Political Similarities

  18 April 2007

Transatlantic Politics finds similarities between the current political situation in Ukraine and in Romania – here and here: “The ‘orange revolution’ in Ukraine and the ‘orange elections’ in Romania are ending in very similar ways: an anti-reformist majority in the Parliament is backing the Premier and trying to impeach the...

Hungary: Euro-2012 Bid

  17 April 2007

Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar and Pestcentric look at the chances that Hungary/Croatia's bid has in tomorrow's Euro-2012 vote in Cardiff.

Ukraine: Family History

  16 April 2007

Wu Wei resumes writing about her father's life: “No wonder his nationality was not so clear. And no wonder he could apparently speak Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Ukrainian when he arrived in Brussels.”

Ukraine: Kyiv Photos

  13 April 2007

Michael Forster Rothbart photographs one of the Kyiv neighborhoods to which evacuees from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were relocated two decades ago – and gets his camera bag with 41 items in it stolen. (There are many more photos and stories on the blog, including a few from the...

Ukraine: Radiation

  13 April 2007

MoldovAnn tries to buy a dosimeter in Kyiv: “No wonder the general population long ago stopped actively worrying about radiation in their food – whether it’s there or not, you basically have no way of finding out.”

Ukraine: Corruption

  13 April 2007

MoldovAnn writes about corruption in Ukraine: “I’ve witnessed a few corrupt transactions in my day, both in Ukraine and in Moldova. Mostly, I’ve seen incidences with the local police.”

Ukraine: No Political Passion

  13 April 2007

MoldovAnn observes “a lack of passion” among the pro-Yanukovych protesters gathered in Kyiv: “They just don’t look engaged – they are sitting around eating, drinking, drinking, drinking, talking, drinking. I don’t hear them talking about politics at all.”