· March, 2007

Stories about Ukraine from March, 2007

Ukraine, Belarus: Chernobyl

  30 March 2007

MoldovAnn attends the opening of a photo exhibition of Belarus-based American photographer Kristina Brendel, held at the Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv; she discovers that the Belarusian government's treatment of the Chernobyl catastrophe differs drastically from that of the Ukrainian government: “…there is total denial by the Belarussian government that there...

Ukraine: Book on Chernobyl

  29 March 2007

MoldovAnn reads Piers Paul Read's 1993 book on Chernobyl (Ablaze: The Story of the Heroes and Victims of Chernobyl) and discovers that she has been to a few Ukrainian towns mentioned in it: “Sometimes I forget what my colleagues lived through, that they themselves are first-hand witnesses to the Chornobyl...

Ukraine: Yanukovych; Lutsenko

  29 March 2007

Despite talk of Maidan #2, PM Yanukovych feels pretty comfortable and even publicly admits that he did serve time in prison. This and a report on more troubles for Yuri Lutsenko, at Foreign Notes.

Ukraine, FSU: Stalin

  29 March 2007

Over at Siberian Light, readers discuss weird first names, such as Stalin, Ninel, and Vladlen. Carpetblogger writes about the Donetsk Heating Company's Stalinist methods to get this East Ukrainian city's population to pay their utility bills.

Ukraine: Lutsenko's Problems

  22 March 2007

Foreign Notes reports on Yuri Lutsenko's legal problems and the obstacles his People's Self-Defense Movement is facing. Also, read about Ukraine's fuel and energy minister's visit to London.

Eastern Europe: Edward Lucas Roundup

  22 March 2007

The Economist's Edward Lucas posts his pieces on East European churches; Solzhenitsyn; Chechnya; Poland's relations with other EU members; color revolutions and foreign funding.

Latvia: Ukrainian and Russian Folk Music

  21 March 2007

Dykun posts a video and writes on a Ukrainian and Russian folk music performance in Riga, Latvia: “they performed together a show of russian and ukrainian wedding songs and rituals, with the structure of a ukrainian cossack marrying a russian bride. […] presented are typical wedding songs and a re-enactment...

Ukraine, Belarus: A Fence for Bat'ka

  19 March 2007

Abdymok posts a picture of the preparations to Aleksandr Lukashenko's visit to Ukraine's capital: “Workers on March 19 build a new fence around Belarusian Embassy in Kyiv. The last dictator in Europe is expected any day.”

Ukraine: Retro Tickets

  13 March 2007

MoldovAnn discovers a rather amazing thing: theater tickets she has recently bought in Kyiv for the Russian production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” were printed way back in the Soviet times (photo is enclosed).

Ukraine: Yanukovych's Prospects

  8 March 2007

The Party of the Regions’ stronghold, Eastern Ukraine, isn't experiencing its best times – which could possibly mean that the prime minister would have to fight hard to stay where he is: Foreign Notes translates a relevant newspaper article.

Ukraine: “Pidmanula, Pidvela”

  6 March 2007

Ukraine List posts a comprehensive entry on the extremely popular Ukrainian folk song: Pidmanula, pidvela. Links to video and audio of the song's various performances, as well as the lyrics in English and Ukrainian, are included.

Ukraine: A-ba-ba-ga-la-ma-ga

  6 March 2007

Olechko writes about A-ba-ba-ga-la-ma-ga, a Ukrainian publishing house that produces wonderfully-illustrated books “for kids from 2 to 102″ years of age.