· January, 2007

Stories about Ukraine from January, 2007

Ukraine, Romania: Serpent Island Dispute

  29 January 2007

Ukraine List writes about a Ukrainian-Romanian dispute over Serpent Island: “The island itself is just a small chunk of limestone (.17 km sq.) with a layer of topsoil. […] The geo-political history of the island is a bit complex […].”

Ukraine: Negative PACE Report

  29 January 2007

Foreign Notes quotes from a PACE report on Ukraine: “The political reality in today's Ukraine shows that, apart from the conduct of free and transparent elections in March 2006, the promises of the Maidan to introduce clean, honest and competent governance and promote the rule of law and transparency at...

Ukraine: Two Years of Yushchenko's Presidency

  25 January 2007

Two years ago, Dan and Lesya McMinn of Orange Ukraine were among hundreds of thousands of people who came to Kyiv's Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) on Jan. 23 to listen to Victor Yushchenko's inaugural speech. As many others, they had to overcome quite a few obstacles to catch a glimpse...

Ukraine: Solotvyno Salt Mine

  24 January 2007

Ukraine List writes about the Solotvyno Salt Mine, located near the Romanian border, home to the deepest speleotherapy facility in the world: “Speleotherapy in Solotvyno essentially uses the micro-climates in the underground salt mines to treat respiratory and lung ailments. […] Anywhere from three to five thousand people are treated...

Ukraine, Romania: The Bridge

  22 January 2007

Ukraine List reports that a bridge has finally been constructed to connect two villages – one in Ukraine, the other in Romania: “The bridge was even the subject of a documentary by Romanian director, Ileana Stanculescu, called appropriately The Bridge. The short (75 min.) film came out in 2004 and...

Ukraine: Hunters Discuss Yevhen Kushnaryov's Death

  17 January 2007

Evhen Kushnaryov, 55, former governor of Kharkiv region and the deputy faction leader of prime minister Victor Yanukovych‘s Party of Regions, died today from gunshot wounds suffered in a hunting incident Tuesday. According to media reports, Kushnaryov and approximately ten other men were on their way home after a day...

Caught On Camera: Human Rights Videos on GV

  16 January 2007

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's been Saddam, Saddam, Saddam, in recent weeks, but GV has covered other human rights videos that deserve a bit of limelight – so, in this regular new feature, I'm going to round up the best of those recent stories. Something for WITNESS's Amazon Wishlist...

Ukraine: Information Society Law

  12 January 2007

Information Policy reports on a new law adopted by the Ukrainian parliament: the Law On Fundamental Principles of Development of Information Society in Ukraine in 2006-2016.

Ukraine: Pripyat

  9 January 2007

Ukraine List links to embellished and unembellished photos of Pripyat, the abandoned town near Chernobyl.