· November, 2006

Stories about Ukraine from November, 2006

Ukraine: Famine Recognized As Genocide

  29 November 2006

Kyiv, Nov. 25: Remembering Holodomor (Famine) Victims – by Veronica Khokhlova At the Holodomor Remembrance ceremony held in Kyiv on Saturday, Nov. 25, a big board listed the countries that have recognized the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 as genocide: Australia, Argentina, Georgia, Estonia, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Hungary. Next...

Ukraine: Chess

  29 November 2006

Ukraine List writes about a Ukrainian “chess eccentric” Vasyl Ivanchuk.

Ukraine: Holodomor Vote

  29 November 2006

Foreign Notes writes about the Famine vote and its significance for the Party of the Regions: “As the figures were flashed up on the screen in the VR I'll bet a stab of anxiety when through some of the PoR deputies. There are other divisive votes looming soon, e.g. on...

Ukraine: Was the Famine Genocide?

  27 November 2006

Petro Rondiak of Petro's Jotter writes a letter to the editor of a Kyiv English-language publication, disagreeing with his view on the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33; the editor responds.

Ukraine: Maidan's Second Anniversary

  22 November 2006

Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv, Ukraine: two years since the beginning of the Orange Revolution – by Veronica Khokhlova Nov. 22 marks the second anniversary of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, but little orange has been visible on the streets of Kyiv today. A crowd gathered at Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), but...

Ukraine: “Unknown Holocaust”

  21 November 2006

Cyber Cossack writes about the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 – an “unknown Holocaust” – and links to the “800 pages of documented details on the Holocaust still denied by Russia.”

Ukraine: New Tariffs

  14 November 2006

Foreign Notes points out that Ukrainians are very concerned with the soon-to-be-raised communal services tariffs: “My bet is that this is a far greater worry for most families that questions about NATO, special status for the Russian language, possible entry into the EU, squabbles in the VR, and so on.”

Ukraine: Utility Prices to Go Up

  8 November 2006

Foreign Notes writes about what awaits Ukrainians starting Dec. 1: “This winter Ukrainians are being hit with massive price increases – a doubling and more of their housing-communal-services tariffs and utility charges.”

Ukraine: News Digest

  2 November 2006

Recent updates on Ukrainian business, politics, utility services, opinion polls and more, at Foreign Notes.

Russia: “The Abduction of Europa”

  1 November 2006

LJ user kuzma-diary – Alexei Zimin, editor-in-chief of Afisha-Mir travel magazine, former editor-in-chief of GQ‘s Russian edition – reports (RUS): The Abduction of Europa Afisha-Mir magazine has been receiving alarming signals. It appears as if consulates of European countries are using the slightest pretext this fall to refuse issuing [Schengen...