· January, 2006

Stories about Ukraine from January, 2006

Introduction to Ukrainian Blogosphere

  27 January 2006

Only a few Ukraine-based English-language blogs were around when the 2004 mass protests began, and, just like Ukraine in those exciting days, they received lots of unexpected attention. Some of these bloggers are no longer in Ukraine, but others have taken their place, and, although not numerous, Ukrainian blogs are...

Ukraine: Pora's Platform

26 January 2006

Orange Ukraine reports on the Pora political party's stance on the issues going into the next election.

Ukraine: Gas Pains

16 January 2006

foreign notes says that Ukraine's natural gas problems are politically hurting the president's bloc.

Ukraine: Deserving Respect

14 January 2006

Scott W. Clark says that Viktor Yushchenko deserves respect for acting within the law and through democratic institutions to restore order to Ukraine's government.

Ukraine: Thoughts on Government

13 January 2006

Scott Clark has additional thoughts on the dismissal of the Ukrainian government, saying it is perhaps not as bad for Yushchenko as it first seemed.

Ukraine: Frustrated

10 January 2006

Ukraine's government has been sacked now that details of the deal have emerged. Veronica Khokhlova is frustrated with politics in Ukraine.

Ukraine: Gas Deal Not Bad

  6 January 2006

Orange Ukraine says that the new gas deal between Russia and Ukraine is not bad, and breaks down the good and bad in it.

Ukraine: Turkmen Gas Deal

4 January 2006

Ukraine has cut a new deal to buy gas from Turkmenistan. The trick, as foreign notes reports, is in how it gets to Ukraine.