· December, 2005

Stories about Ukraine from December, 2005

Ukraine: Presidential Market Day

26 December 2005

Veronica Khokhlova reports on her husband's encounter with President Yushchenko at an antiques market. The president visits the market at least once per month just as he has been for many years.

Ukraine: Ad Copies

26 December 2005

Russian Marketing Blog reports on how one Ukrainian company has taken its advertising ideas from recognizable campaigns run by other companies.

Ukraine: Gas & Politics

22 December 2005

Orange Ukraine argues that Ukraine's current gas crisis will not ultimately help Yanukovich or other pro-Russia candidates in upcoming elections.

Ukraine: Let the CIS Come

22 December 2005

Orange Ukraine argues that Ukraine should allow CIS election observers into the country during the March elections. (They may be barred for their negative assessment of the 2004 elections–the only time they have given such an assessment despite having observed numerous elections in the former Soviet Union.)