· July, 2005

Stories about Ukraine from July, 2005

Ukraine: Whoops

28 July 2005

Blog de Connard, returning after a brief hiatus, has a good roundup of Ukraining events both pertaining to the author and the country as a whole, including a pretty decent summary of Andriygate, the scandal involving the President's son.

Ukraine: The WTO Debate

21 July 2005

Orange Ukraine follows the twists and turns of passing the legislation needed for Ukraine to join the WTO.

Ukraine Visa Update

13 July 2005

Blog de Connard tries to sort through whether or not US citizens need visas to visit Ukraine. See, some government sources say that they do, and some government sources say that they don't…

Neeka's Backlog

12 July 2005

Neeka's Backlog is passing on the news that Ukraine's Interior Ministry has dispached troops to a region of the Crimea where a group of Tatars have seized land that was declared a nature preserve.

Eastern Europe, Russian, NIS & Central Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

Blog de Connard reports that the Ukrainian parliament has, after some arm-twisting, passed legislation designed to ease Ukraine's entry into the WTO. Three malls in Budapest were evacuated after copycat bomb threats were called in, reports Pesticide. The Daily Czech notes that Mikulas Dzurinda, the Slovak Prime Minister barely survived...

Monday: Eastern Europe, Russia, NIS & Central Asia

  4 July 2005

Afghan Lord has been receiving threats, and discovers they're coming from an IP address associated with the BBC. (More on this in a separate post coming soon.) Onnik Krikorian at Oneworld Multimedia reports on Vardavar, an ancient Armenian festival in which people douse each other with water. Sounds a bit...