· November, 2012

Stories about Slovakia from November, 2012

Doubting the Efficiency of EU Funding for Slovakia

  24 November 2012

The European Commission has unveiled plans for priorities in funding Slovakia during the years of 2014-2020. One of the problems is that the EU money is often used for unnecessary and unproductive initiatives and projects. Tibor Blazko translates netizens' views on the issue.

Slovak “Decent Life” Protesters Burn EU Flag

  15 November 2012

About 100 people took part in a follow-up “Together for a Decent and Safe Life” protest [sk, images, videos], co-organized by Oskar Dobrovodský, in Bratislava on Nov. 10 (more about Dobrovodský's case and the previous, Oct. 13, rally is here). After the protesters burned the EU flag, police detained two...