· February, 2008

Stories about Serbia from February, 2008

Serbia: Relations With the EU

  13 February 2008

Viktor Marković of Belgrade 2.0 writes about Serbia's relations with the EU and notes that the country has “a madman as prime minister now.”

Serbia: More Views on Boris Tadic's Re-Election

  7 February 2008

Democracy has passed one more very difficult exam in Serbia, eight years since the end of Slobodan Milosevic's regime: the incumbent president Boris Tadic got re-elected on Feb. 3, with 50.5 percent of the vote to Tomislav Nikolic's 47.9 percent. The previous Global Voices post on the outcome of the election covered reactions of the Anglophone Serbia bloggers. Below is a translation from Serbian of two more posts, both published on B92's blog portal.

Serbia: President Tadic Gets Re-Elected

  6 February 2008

The presidential election in Serbia had some bloggers fearing that a decisive victory for the extreme-right nationalism represented by the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) could result in violence. One bloggers wrote, "My babysitter has her bags packed."

Serbia: Smokers’ Paradise

  1 February 2008

Serbia marked the National No Smoking Day on Jan. 31, but, as one Serbian blogger noted, "Serbia is the paradise and El Dorado for smokers." Sinisa Boljanovic translates two bloggers' views on the situation with smoking in Serbia.