· November, 2006

Stories about Serbia from November, 2006

Serbia: Issues to Resolve

  9 November 2006

Neretva River posts a list of “issues that need to be resolved for [Serbia's EU] accession process to move forward.” Wu Wei hopes Europe would not ignore the fact that during the recent referendum on Serbia's new constitution “Kosovars were not invited to vote unless they were Serbs, who were...

Serbia: “Countries Rush to Include Kosovo in Their Constitutions”

  6 November 2006

South East Europe Online posts a hilarious, Onion-style piece on Kosovo: “After Serbia included Kosovo in its constitution, other countries from the region have declared their intentions to do the same. They point out that they are doing this in line with their good neighborly relations policies. The governments of...

Serbia: Attractions of Halovo

  6 November 2006

Trans Europa Express writes about the blacksmith and other attractions of “Halovo, Serbia: 538 meters above sea level, 500 meters away from the Bulgarian border. Number of houses: Depends on whom you talk to. Between 230 and 300.”

Serbia: Referendum Fraud and Other Issues

  2 November 2006

All ballot stations across Serbia closed in the evening of Sunday, October 29, as people voted for or against the constitution draft proposed by all political parties represented in the parliament. Radical party officials were saying: adoption of the new constitution is important because it states that Kosovo and Metohia...