· December, 2010

Stories about Serbia from December, 2010

Kosovo, Serbia: Kosovo's PM Accused of Human Organ Trade

  18 December 2010

Allegations of Kosovo leadership's wartime involvement in the trafficking of human organs were first made public in 2008 - and have re-surfaced now, in a report prepared by a Council of Europe investigator. Sinisa Boljanovic translates some of the netizens' reactions, past and current.

Serbia: No More Military Conscription

  16 December 2010

Belgraded.com reports that “from January 1st 2011 there will be no more military conscription for Serbian citizens”: “Reaction of the general public is, as the case often is around here, mixed.”

Serbia: Novelists Participate in “Blog Day” Project

  10 December 2010

On Dec. 8, one of the Serbian publishing houses launched an interesting project: called Blog Day, it represents a unique example of web activism in Serbia that will be taking place four times a year. The topic of the first Blog Day was Ecology, and over 20 Serbian novelists have posted their contributions.