· July, 2010

Stories about Serbia from July, 2010

Serbia, Kosovo: More on ICJ's Ruling

  27 July 2010

More commentary on the ICJ's opinion on Kosovo's independence – at A Fistful of Euros, Belgraded, Gray Falcon, and Jamestown Foundation Blog (a GV translation on the subject is here).

Serbia: ICJ Rules Kosovo’s Independence Legal

  25 July 2010

On July 22, the International Court of Justice ruled that the declaration of independence of Kosovo did not violate international law. Sinisa Boljanovic reviews Serbian bloggers' reactions to the ruling.

Serbia: Fans Outraged by FIFA's Sanctions Against Serbia Coach Radomir Antic

  11 July 2010

The controversial decisions of several referees participating in the World Cup and their methods have been brought into question by fans, bloggers [ENG], journalists [ENG] and national football associations worldwide during this, the world’s largest international sporting event. Although FIFA President Blatter has made public apologies to Mexico and France...

Serbia: Bloggers Make Health Care Scandal A Personal Affair

  8 July 2010

It would seem that Serbia’s bloggers have officially joined the ranks of citizen journalism. This week, just some 48 hours after several Serbian bloggers united to demand the resignation of Serbia’s Minister of health, Tomica Milosavljevic, whom many hold responsible for the corrupt state of medical practice in public health...

Serbia: Bloggers Demand Health Minister's Resignation

  7 July 2010

A recent corruption scandal at the Oncology Institute in Belgrade has enraged the Serbian public and blogging community. Danica Radisic writes about the Resignation (Ostavka) blog initiative - and the expected resignation of the Serbian Health Minister.