· March, 2010

Stories about Serbia from March, 2010

Serbia: A Local Craftsman, Former Refugee

  16 March 2010

A Yankee-in-Belgrade post a photo and writes about Stevo Radelic – “a Serbian refugee who has been living just outside of Belgrade now ever since he lost his home in Croatia at the beginning of Yugoslavia's break-up”: “He's made a new life for himself, although a difficult one, creating works...

The Balkans: Ejup Ganić's Arrest

  14 March 2010

Updates on the arrest of Ejup Ganić in London on March 1: Amila Bosnae – here and here; Gray Falcon – here, here, and here; Greater Surbiton – here and here; Samaha – here; CAFÉ TURCO – here;

Serbia: Writers and Politics

  13 March 2010

Richard Byrne of Balkans via Bohemia pays tribute to Serbian writer Mihajlo Mijhajlov, “a prominent former dissident to both Titoism and nationalism,” who died recently at the age of 76. Sladjana Lazic of A Slice Of Serbian Politics muses on whether “the political engagement of artists can degrade their work,”...