· August, 2009

Stories about Serbia from August, 2009

Serbia: Threats to LGBT Population

  23 August 2009

Serbia's gays are facing plenty of problems - and on Sept. 20, they are planning to hold a gay pride parade in Belgrade. Sinisa Boljanovic reviews some pro and contra reactions published on Serbian blogs and in other online venues.

Serbia: Belgrade's Terazije Monument

  20 August 2009

Belgraded writes about “the Terazije monument to the five Belgraders who were hanged at that spot for joining in the resistance against the Nazi in 1941.”

Serbia: Belgrade Mayor's Remarks on Sexuality

  12 August 2009

Belgraded comments on Belgrade mayor's seemingly “bizarre statement” on sexuality and the upcoming gay pride parade (scheduled for Sept. 20): “His statement is actually well calculated because it is the opinion of the majority of Serbs – that sexual orientation should not be shown in public. The problem is that...

U.S.: Phelps vs. Cavic

  4 August 2009

Belgraded writes about the rivalry between “Michael Phelps, the American super-swimmer, and Milorad Cavic, the American-born Serbian talent.”