· January, 2009

Stories about Serbia from January, 2009

Serbia: Belgrade Tips, Photos; Fan Fight in Melbourne; Entropa

  27 January 2009

Belgraded posts more Belgrade tips; translates a joke about unsuspecting “terrorists/tourists” in Belgrade; links to Belgrade and Serbia photos – here, here, and here; writes about yet another fight between tennis fans in Melbourne; wonders how Serbia would be represented on Entropa if it were part of the EU.

Serbia: Belgrade Photos

  27 January 2009

Lots of beautiful photo vignettes from Serbia – at A Yankee-in-Belgrade, including these two pictures of elderly women, one selling pine branches and the other selling thistle.

Serbia: 250 Dogs

  22 January 2009

A Yankee-in-Belgrade introduces Katja, a woman who “lives on a strip of land about 12 x 80 meters (approx. 39 x 263 feet) outside of Belgrade with over 250 dogs that she cares for by herself and with the help of a few occasional volunteers.”

The Balkans: “Whose Is This Song?”

  20 January 2009

Recently several Macedonian bloggers published the documentary “Whose Is This Song” by a Bulgarian director Adela Peeva on their blogs and started discussing the story. The documentary was filmed as an idea that the director got during a dinner in Istanbul with several friends (a Macedonian, a Serb, a Greek and a Turk), when all of them said that the song playing in the background was from their country.

Serbia, Russia: NIS-Gazprom Deal

  19 January 2009

A roundup on the NIS-Gazprom deal – at Eternal Remont: “In 2008, Deloitte & Touche valued NIS at $2.95 billion. But Gazprom is only going to pay $1.2 billion ($537 million + $721 million in new “investment”) between now and 2012. Better yet, the Serbs refused to entertain offers from...

The Balkans: Harold Pinter and Milosevic

  18 January 2009

Marko Attila Hoare of Greater Surbiton writes about Harold Pinter's association with the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic and explains why he feels “roughly as sad about Pinter’s death as Pinter was sad about the deaths of the tens of thousands killed by Milosevic or for the hundreds of...

The Balkans: “Britić”; “Beyond Sarajevo”

  18 January 2009

Balkan Anarchist writes about Britić, a new British Serb quarterly magazine. Bosnia Blog is seeking “co-bloggers and writers for Beyond Sarajevo, a wannabe directory of many wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) things about Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.”