· November, 2008

Stories about Serbia from November, 2008

Kosovo: Haradinaj's Profile; Discussion at LSE

  30 November 2008

Popkitchen posts a critique of a Vanity Fair profile of Ramush Haradinaj, a former guerrilla leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and former prime minister of Kosovo, and writes about a recent discussion on Kosovo's independence held at the London School of Economics.

The Balkans: Tragic Legacy

  29 November 2008

Cafe Turco writes on the inaccuracies in Resolution 819 film and posts a translation of Hasan Nuhanović's article that challenges “the veracity of some scenes.” Srebrenica Genocide Blog writes on a recent exhumation of “50 complete and 883 partial human remains of Srebrenica genocide victims” and links to a documentary...

Central & Eastern Europe: A Roma Roundup

  29 November 2008

A few Roma-related posts: Inside Albania muses on the U.S. election and concludes that having a Roma PM in Albania will remain “pure fantasy” for quite a while; Romano Them links to a report on the situation with the Roma in Kosovo; Hungarian Spectrum reported on Nov. 20 that “[i]n...

Serbia: Nikola Kavaja

  14 November 2008

“Just like communism itself, Nikola Kavaja remains a controversial topic in the Serbian history,” writes Viktor Markovic of Belgraded.com about the man who made several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Yugoslavia's leader Josip Broz Tito, including a 1979 hijacking of a U.S. passenger jet with the intention of crashing it into...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Post-War Situation

  14 November 2008

An author of Foreign Policy Association's War Crimes blog writes that the war that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 years ago still “feels recent” and that “Bosnia is not taking major steps to diminish tensions by integrating communities”: “Education and politics are both segregated, so children don’t necessarily make...

The Balkans: Srebrenica Roundup

  14 November 2008

Sarah Franco of Cafe Turco writes about the award-winning film on Srebrenica genocide – Resolution 819. Srebrenica Genocide Blog posts the full text of the U.N. Security Council Resolution 819 (1993) – which, among other things, demanded “the immediate cessation of armed attacks by Bosnian Serb paramilitary units against Srebrenica”...

Serbia: Reflections of a Bosnian Refugee

  14 November 2008

27-year-old Amila Jašarević fled Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1993 and has since been living in Denmark. On her blog, Amila Bosnae, she describes her first visit to Serbia: “Although our hosts from the different Serbian NGOs did whatever they could to make us comfortable, there was nothing they could do...

Central & Eastern Europe: A Travel Roundup

  13 November 2008

Olive harvesting in Albania, John Paul II monuments in Poland, a Soviet military hardware cemetery in Moscow and more: Central and Eastern Europe-based bloggers share their recent travel stories and photos.

Serbia, U.S.: Change and Personal Risk

  6 November 2008

Lucy Moore writes this about Obama's victory on her B92 blog: “But after we applauded and hugged our way through his final “Yes we can,” I couldn’t shake the thought that surely all this is just too good to be true. For as America saw in the civil rights years,...