· June, 2008

Stories about Serbia from June, 2008

China: Is the West afraid of our patriotism?

  20 June 2008

Are there factors informing your perception of China circa 2008? Novelist-blogger and researcher of worldly affairs Yang Hengjun moves on from ‘How did America cover up the truth of the bombing of our embassy in Yugoslavia?’ to his post last week, ‘Are Western countries afraid of the Chinese people's patriotic...

Kosovo: Cyber-Attacks

  18 June 2008

LimbicNutrition Weblog writes that “pro-Serbian hacktivists” are attacking pro-Kosovo web sites.

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia: Top war crimes suspect Župljanin arrested

  16 June 2008

Stojan Župljanin, one of the four top remaining war crimes suspects from the 1990s Balkan Wars wanted by the International War Crimes Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), was arrested on Wednesday near Belgrade. The ICTY had been seeking Župljanin since 1999, and the US government had even offered a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to Zupljanin's arrest or conviction. The Balkan blogosphere has been abuzz with the news.

Serbia: Model Prevents Suicide

  13 June 2008

Belgrade 2.0 posts a video and writes about Katarina Vuckovic, a model who prevented a suicidal man from jumping off a Belgrade bridge.

Serbia: Stojan Zupljanin

  13 June 2008

Commentary on the arrest of suspected war criminal Stojan Zupljanin in Serbia – at A Fistful of Euros, East Ethnia, Hugh Griffiths’ B92 blog, Samaha, Srebrenica Genocide Blog (here and here).

Blogger of the Week: Ljubiša Bojić

  8 June 2008

Today's Blogger of the Week series takes us to the heart of the Balkans, where we chat with Global Voices author for Serbia Ljubiša Bojić (pronounced Lyu-bi-sha Bo-yich) about blogging, politics and citizen journalism in Serbia.