· March, 2008

Stories about Serbia from March, 2008

Serbia, Kosovo: Milorad Cavic's Protest

  25 March 2008

Balkan Baby writes about Serbian swimming champion Milorad Cavic: “Many of us who firmly support Kosovo’s independence will have paradoxically supported Cavic’s protest though, seeing in it an expression of the democratic right of the individual to speak his mind. When so many athletes concern themselves solely with wearing branded...

The Balkans: NATO

  25 March 2008

Balkan Baby writes about George W. Bush's upcoming Central and Eastern European tour, the NATO Summit, and the Balkan states’ “quest to join NATO.”

The Balkans: John McCain

  25 March 2008

Greater Surbiton has “no doubt that the interests of South East Europe would be better served by John McCain as president than by either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.”

Russia: Kosovo and Abkhazia

  17 March 2008

TOL's Steady State writes about Russia and “Kosovo's precedent”: “Russia is an ardent supporter of the territorial integrity in the Balkans. When it comes to the Caucasus, those principles change.”

Serbia: Five Years Since Zoran Djindjic's Death

  15 March 2008

Belgrade 2.0 writes about the fifth anniversary of Zoran Djindjic's death: “Unfortunatelly, a Serb with the greatest qualities has been assasinated by people who could not understand the modernity, and were too dumb for arguments.”

Serbia, Russia: Kosovo

  5 March 2008

Streetwise Professor explains his “deeply ambivalent” position on Kosovo’s declaration of independence.