· November, 2007

Stories about Serbia from November, 2007

The Balkans: A Dialect of Serbo-Croatian

  27 November 2007

Balkan Anarchist writes at length about an East Herzegovinian dialect of the Serbo-Croat language: “Although the Serbo-Croatian language is not particularly under threat – well, the language isn't, but the use of the name “Serbo-Croat”, it must be admitted, has significantly dropped ever since the break up of Yugoslavia –...

The Balkans: Media Coverage

  27 November 2007

Seesaw of Balkan Powder Keg follows Western media's coverage of the volatile situation in the Balkans: “My dear friends all over the world, especially in Europe, please do not say once again, you did not know!”

Former Yugoslavia: Vladimir Arsenijevic's Piece

  23 November 2007

The Glory of Carniola discusses an article by a Serbian writer, which begins this way: “For all ex-Yugoslavs, but particularly for the Serbs, the Kosovo Albanians used to be simply ‘our negroes.’ Nowadays, however, they are cast as Serbia's arch-enemies […].”

Serbia: Kosovo Predictions

  21 November 2007

A Fistful of Euros is making predictions: “Kosovo will get some sort of independence, Belgrade and Moscow will cry foul, there will be a certain amount of huffing and puffing… and then, not much. The borders will stay open; the lights will stay on. The medium-term effect will be to...

Serbia: Kosovo Election, Before and After

  20 November 2007

Balkan Baby writes about the post-election Kosovo: “Will the parliament be truly representative though, including members not only of the Kosovar and Serbian communities but also the other minorities participating in the election, namely Ashkali, Bosnjak, Gorani, Turkish, Egyptian and Romani? Probably not, leading to the conclusion once more that...

Serbia: A View on the Status of Kosovo

  19 November 2007

Balkan Anarchist writes about Kosovo and his own views on the situation: “In the interest of being respectful to both sides in this issue, how about, instead of claiming how Kosovo is just Serbian or only Albanian, we say Kosovo is both Serbian and Albanian! Why not? Not to mention...

Serbia, the EU: Stability and Association Pact

  19 November 2007

A Fistful of Euros writes about Serbia's Stability and Association Pact with the EU (SAA), to be signed in Jan. 2008: “It looks like Brussels is trying to strengthen the ‘liberal and Western’ strain of Serbia’s politics before December, when problems are likely to arise with Kosovo.”

Hungary: Open Letter to Slovakia

  15 November 2007

Pestcentric writes an open letter to Slovakia: “Last year you even had garage bands calling for the destruction of Hungary. This is just not good. It seems that being in the European Union has led you astray. Now, I know you’ve yet to fence off the Gypsies like the Czechs...

Serbia: Belgrade the “Party City”

  14 November 2007

Belgrade 2.0 corrects the Sunday Times on their view of Belgrade: “Milan is the fashion city, Amsterdam is the weed city, Paris is the love city, Berlin is the wall city, and New York is New York” – and Belgrade is the “party city.”

Serbia: Laptops for Politicians

  14 November 2007

Each deputy of Serbia's national assembly might be given a laptop – “in order to replace paper comsumption and increase effectiveness.” While many Serbian bloggers don't think it's a good idea, Viktor Marković of Belgrade 2.0 thinks it is. He also believes that the war in Yugaslavia could've been avoided...

Serbia: Slavija

  14 November 2007

Dejan Čabrilo of Anegdote writes about Slavija, a Belgrade neighborhood he grew up in: “Seen the kids who offer to wait in line for visas at the German embassy in exchange for a small fee? That was us, and probably still is – the perks of living in the capital...

Slovenia: “Children of Petriček Hill”

  10 November 2007

Jennifer Dorroh writes about the Children of Petriček Hill documentary: “During the months after Germany surrendered in WWII, the Yugoslav government separated more than 90 children from their mothers and fathers at camps in northeastern Slovenia. While the children were detained at one camp, many of their parents were executed...

Serbia: A Trip to Kosovo

  5 November 2007

Novala, Europa writes about his trip to Kosovo: speaking “the language of the opponent” – Serbian – with an Albanian family; a drawn-up map of Pristina; photos from a farmers market; school uniform street fashion.