· August, 2007

Stories about Serbia from August, 2007

Croatia: Gračac

  27 August 2007

Balkan Anarchist writes about his familial ties to and the recent history of Gračac, “a town and municipality located in the south of Lika,” which, before the war, had “a Serbian ethnic majority, the majority of which does not live there anymore.”

Serbia: SMS Templates

  20 August 2007

Anegdote shares a joke on the default SMS templates localized for Serbia; here's one item: “Turn on the news, a war is starting.”

The Balkans: Youth Activism

  20 August 2007

Balkanizer believes that in the Balkans, “it is the youth that should be at the vanguard of social revival and instead they are the most passive part of the society.”

Serbia: Maja Stojanovic

  8 August 2007

Srebrenica Genocide Blog asks readers “to send their words of encouragement” to a Serbian human rights activist facing a ten-day imprisonment: “'It is unacceptable that Maja Stojanovic should end up behind bars for a publicly stated view that Mladic must be sent to The Hague and for reminding the public...

Russia: Ethnic and Religious Miscellanea

  3 August 2007

Window on Eurasia reports on the following subjects: Russia's Muslims’ support for Kosovo independence; Chechen youth choosing to study at Chechen universities; the Chuvash discovery of America and other myths presented as history; Islamic marriages in Tatarstan; and secessionist aspirations at Russia's ethnically Russian regions.

Serbia: More on Srebrenica Anniversary

  3 August 2007

Belatedly, a link to Jasmina Tesanovic's piece on the heat in Serbia, and, very belatedly, a link to her text on the 12th anniversary of Srebrenica tragedy (both hosted by Boing Boing), as well as Bruce Sterling's set of photos from the ceremony that took place at the Srebrenica graveyard...