· July, 2007

Stories about Serbia from July, 2007

Serbia: The Upbringing of Children

  21 July 2007

The youngest of Serbia's current parents were children themselves when the country was in war just over a decade ago. Many had difficult childhoods and now face problems as parents. Zeljko Markovic, a Serbian blogger, writes about this, and Sinisa Boljanovic translates from the Serbian.

Serbia's One and Only Science Blog: Help Save It!

  13 July 2007

Blogs would have been a great medium for interaction, publishing, communication and collaboration in science, a good place for showcasing Serbian scientific achievement, which has been in the shade lately, after years of sanctions, war and political disturbances. There is only one institutional science blog in Serbia, however - and it looks like it may soon disappear altogether. Please get involved and help save it!

Serbia: The Rolling Stones to Perform July 14

  9 July 2007

The nEUrosis views the upcoming concert of the Rolling Stones in Serbia as “a reliable benchmark that my country is on a secure way towards the EU integration or perhaps an integrative part of the international community (whatever this means).”

Russia: St. Basil's Cathedral

  3 July 2007

Instead of a post on the battle of Kosovo, De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis writes about St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow – and posts a photo of a graffiti in Samara, which says in Serbian: “Serbs and Russians are brothers forever. Greece, Serbia, Russia.”