· June, 2007

Stories about Serbia from June, 2007

Serbia: Bad TV

  29 June 2007

Time to do something about the state Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS): Anegdote is considering the options.

Serbia, Russia: “What About the Russians?”

  27 June 2007

Jasmina Tešanović guest-blogs at Boing Boing about what may appear as Serbia's misguided trust in Russia: “Back in 1999, Russians didn’t veto the bombing of Serbia. The Russians are using the Kosovo issue in order to reclaim ex-Soviet territories with Russian populations. Serbs know that the Russians have their own...

Serbia: A Special Case of Blog Plagiarism

  26 June 2007

Does a Creative Commons License help protect your blog from plagiarism? Is it a crime if a person from China copies your blog to overcome the so-called Great Firewall of China, trying to get some money along the way. How to protect yourself from web infringement? Danica Radovanovic is a...

Romania: Economic Relations With Neighbors

  22 June 2007

Romerican writes about the prospects of Romania's economic relations with its neighbors: “Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Ukraine all represent logical markets for exporting Romanian-made products and Romanian-performed services sold under Romanian brands of Romanian-owned companies. There’s a ready audience right across the border just ripe for the taking. Do it.”

Serbia: Photos from Peja, Kosovo

  22 June 2007

Prishtine: Independence and Kanun posts pictures from a trip to the Kosovo countryside: “Sometimes, after staying in Prishtina for long, one could forget that Kosovo is a diverse land with beautiful diverse geographical landscapes.”

Croatia: “Feral Tribune” Shuts Down

  20 June 2007

Last week, Croatian finance ministry froze bank accounts of the region’s legendary political weekly, Feral Tribune, due to 68,000 Euros of tax debt, forcing the publication to close. "The only independent journal on the Balkans has now been silenced," wrote one Serbian blogger. Sinisa Boljanovic has more on the causes and the significance of this loss.

Serbia, Finland: Marija Serifovich's Infamous Quote

  18 June 2007

Belgrade 2.0 posts a video of a press conference with Marija Serifovic, who won this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, at which she makes the following remark about Finland: “erm, the country didn’t particularly suit me, and I don’t like those yellowish, “see-through” people… I despise them…” Bloggers discuss...

Serbia: “The Hidden Fascism”

  14 June 2007

Inspired by the legacy of an African-American activist Audrey Lorde, a Serbian blogger condemns her compatriots' tendency to keep silent about crimes taking place in their own backyard. Sinisa Boljanovic translates an excerpt from this passionate post.

The Balkans: Bush's Watch and Stereotypes

  14 June 2007

Belgrade 2.0 looks at the generalizations and stereotypes revealed by the George W. Bush's stolen watch episode: “…the biggest reason for everyone to be happy – is that this confirms one big stereotype: Albanians are all thieves, and furthermore, everyone in the Balkans is just waiting for the opportunity to...

Former Yugoslavia: Auschwitz Pavilion

  14 June 2007

East Ethnia visits the Yugoslavia pavilion at Auschwitz and writes: “Since the country that designed the exhibit no longer exists, and since the museum site does not have extra barracks for the countries that have come about in the meantime, the Yugoslav pavilion will probably remain a fascinating relic of...

The Balkans: One Man's War Stories

  14 June 2007

Balkanizer runs the first installment of a story of one man's war experiences: “I was nine years old when Germany invaded Yugoslavia. I was 60 years when war came again to my village in Bosnia.”

Serbia: The Lustration Law

  7 June 2007

Serbia's parliament passed the Lustration Law in 2003 - but it has still not been implemented. The Serbian public knows that the Serbian Radical Party and the Social Party of Serbia are against the implementation of the Lustration Law, while the liberal Democratic Party continues to be in its favor. What the Serbian public does not know is why the Serbian government, which, naturally, has to carry out an order of the parliament, does not put the Lustration Law into effect.

Serbia: Tennis Players

  6 June 2007

After the Eurovision victory, Serbia has moved on to tennis: four Serbian players are currently in the Roland Garros semifinals draws (men's and women's singles, and men's doubles). Belgrade 2.0 tells the world about these and other rising stars.