· April, 2007

Stories about Serbia from April, 2007

Serbia: Blogosphere Reacts to Protect Press Freedom

  30 April 2007

Two hand grenades were placed on a window sill of Serbian journalist Dejan Anastasijevic's apartment on Saturday, April 15. The explosions caused material damage but no injuries. There were numerous comments about who might have stood behind the attack. Bloggers started a petition requesting prompt reaction of the police for the sake of press freedom.

Serbia: Lack of Broadband

  18 April 2007

Belgrade 2.0 explains why Serbia is “ahead of Albania when it comes to broadband internet, but behind, well, everybody else in Europe.”

Serbia: “The Emperors are Naked”

  18 April 2007

Anegdote writes about Serbian politics: “You can destroy many things on the planet Earth, but one thing will stand as long as the humans live: utter and complete stupidity.”