· March, 2007

Stories about Serbia from March, 2007

Kazakhstan: Serbia Defeated

  27 March 2007

At neweurasia, Leila reports on Kazakhstan's upset win over Serbia in Group A of the Euro 2008 qualifiers. This is Kazakhstan's first victory in a competitive match and second victory overall since joining the Union of European Football Associations in 2002.

The Balkans: War Criminals Abroad

  26 March 2007

Neretva River writes about five war criminals living abroad; Bosnia Vault writes about the one who had just been spared extradition by a British judge: “How much time needs to pass before a crime is no longer worthy of being dealt with in a court of law? In other words,...

The Oldest Blogger in the Balkans

  25 March 2007

In the evening, Radmilo Ristic, a 74-year-old retired high school professor, likes to attend theater plays, gallery openings, literary nights, round-table discussions and other similar events that take place around Kragujevac, the city in Central Serbia. When Ristic comes back home, instead of the traditional paper and pen, his computer...

Serbia: Milosevic and the Internet

  21 March 2007

Belgrade 2.0 predicts a new war, over Milosevic: “Even though the online group of Milosevic-haters is by far bigger than the group of his supporters, it seems as if the supporters are louder and manage to create a balance. How long can this go on i wonder?”

Serbia: “Deveti Mart”

  21 March 2007

Belatedly, a bit of contemporary Serbian history, via Belgrade 2.0: on March 9, 1991, Belgrade became the scene of large protest rallies. “This was the first sign that the citizens were not so satisfied with Milosevic’s rule, already after two years of his reign.”

The Balkans, Japan: War Re-Enactment Games

  21 March 2007

Photos of a group of Japanese men clad in Croatian and Serbian military uniforms has caused a scandal in the Serbian blogosphere, Neretva River reports: “…these men were participating in a re-enactment of the recent wars in a ‘capture the flag’ style game which apparently had different scenarios, one apparently...

Serbia: Busy Week

  15 March 2007

“Between the Milosevic memorial service; and a rock-n-roll concert/b-day bash for Mladic; a few people in Belgrade are having quite a busy week!” writes Bosnia Vault. “Yes but sadly you forgot Djindjic's anniversary which is being spoken of much more than the Milosevic service,” responds Bg anon.

The Balkans: Adolf Hitler Controversy

  15 March 2007

Ed Alexander of Balkan Baby finds himself in the middle of a controversy over his recent entry about “a restaurant owner in Mitrovica who seemed to believe that he was the incarnation of Adolf Hitler”: “All of this, whilst perversely interesting, has led me to the conclusion that I am...

The Balkans: Eurovision

  8 March 2007

“Get ready world the former Yugoslav republics are taking over Eurovision!” writes bganon in a comment to a comprehensive review of this year's entries from the region posted at Belgrade 2.0.

Serbia: “Vampires”

  8 March 2007

A “no comment” post at East Ethnia: “Man drives stake in grave of Slobodan Milošević.” The post is filed under the “vampires” category.