· February, 2007

Stories about Serbia from February, 2007

The Balkans: Bloggers Discuss the ICJ Verdict

  28 February 2007

On Monday, after nearly ten months of deliberation, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared that the 1995 Srebrenica Massacre was an act of genocide, but that the pattern of the atrocities committed by Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-1995 war (which claimed more than 100,000 lives) was “too broad” to...

The Balkans: Reactions to the ICJ's Verdict

  26 February 2007

The massacre in Srebrenica was an act of genocide, declares the International Court of Justice. East Ethnia blogged while waiting for the verdict – and then provided an initial reaction as well as a guest-blogger's opposing point of view.

Serbia: A Comment on Kosovo

  12 February 2007

Estavisti writes about Kosovo – as well as the U.S.: “It’s important to realise that the bombing of Serbia set the stage for the present US doctrine – ‘we can do whatever the fuck we like, whenever the fuck we like, to whomsoever we fucking choose’.”

Serbia: Emir/Nemanja Kusturica

  12 February 2007

Belgrade 2.0 writes about Emir Kusturica, the Serbian filmmaker who has been awarded with France’s Order of the Knight of Arts and Literature of the first degree. Kusturica's name, by the way, is no longer Emir, but Nemanja: the name change occured after his baptism.

Serbia: A Rocky Balboa Statue

  12 February 2007

Pestcentric wishes good luck to a village in Serbia that hopes to solve its (many) problems by erecting a statue of Rocky Balboa.

Serbia: “Serbiality”

  8 February 2007

South East Europe Online explains what “Serbiality” is: “So, I came up with the word Serbiality to define the Serbian reality (or realities), based on concensus instead of fact. So, for example, if Serbs agree that there was no genocide attempt by Miosevic in Kosovo, then there wasn't. Or, if...

The Balkans: Iraq Jobs

  8 February 2007

Neretva River reports on an American firm recruiting the unemployed in the Balkans “to carry out various jobs assisting the US military in Iraq in fields of work ranging from truck driving to engineering”: “One 22 year old prospective KBR employ noted that his family were praying that he wouldn’t...

Serbia: Forget Mladic, On to EU

  8 February 2007

Some people in the Balkans and the EU believe that “Serbia’s integration into the EU should be prioritized over the arrest of those most responsible for the worst atrocities committed in Europe since the Second World War,” writes Neretva River.

Serbia: Ahtisaari's Kosovo Report

  8 February 2007

“Kosova has been given the blessing of the international community to begin proceedings for independence in earnest and with the sincere belief that their country will be recognised.” More on this at Balkan Baby.