· January, 2007

Stories about Serbia from January, 2007

Elections in Serbia

  25 January 2007

The first preliminary results of the Serbian parliamentary poll arrived less than an hour after the ballots closed at 20:00 on January 21. Some started celebration while members of the parties that got less than the required 5 percent of the votes burst into despair. The Democratic Party (whose slogan...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Markale Massacre

  18 January 2007

YakimaGulagLiteraryGazett marks the “sad anniversary” of the Sarajevo Markale Massacre: “I had forgotten the date, but I remember well about the event, seeing it on the news made me angry. I began lobbying actively for intervention in BiH somewhat before that time. I remember being really angry with people who...

Serbia: Kosovo to Russia for 1 Euro

  18 January 2007

Wu Wei reports: “The Students Independent Association of the Judicial Faculty of Belgrade has begun an initiative for Serbia to give Kosovo to Russia for the price of one Euro for 99 years. As compensation, Russia is obliged to assure peace and stability in Kosovo, security for the remaining Serbs...

The Balkans: Karadzic's Whereabouts

  18 January 2007

Finding Karadzic comments on the thoughts of US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes about the Balkan tribunals: “Williamson's most astonishing comment, buried in the west but on front pages in Belgrade and Podgorica, was that Karadzic was probably in Serbia.”

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Markale Massacre

  17 January 2007

Bosnia Vault writes: “Over a decade later, the Markale Massacre; and the allegation that the shell was fired upon by the ABiH forces in a ruse to gain public sympathy; has become the lynchpin argument of those in the Balkans and in the West who have unapologetically thrown their support...

Serbia: Election Forecast

  15 January 2007

“In anticipation of the parliamentary elections in Serbia a week from today, an assessment and some hesitant predictions” – from East Ethnia.

Serbia: Boring CNN Ads

  11 January 2007

Serbia's promo ads appear on CNN, and Belgrade 2.0 posts a review: “Honestly, it looks pretty boring and unimaginative. Lots of static pictures, not enough life and it doesn’t really strike you as something to remember. Hopefully we’ll get some odd naive tourist that falls for this kind of advertisement.”