· December, 2006

Stories about Serbia from December, 2006

The Balkans: Main 2006 Stories

  29 December 2006

Ed of Balkan Baby lists the most important regional stories of 2006: “Slovenia moves towards Eurozone,” “Croatia and Serbia Disappoint at World Cup,” “Croatia Stop-Start its way towards EU,” etc.

Serbia, USA: What Serbs Think About America

  28 December 2006

In his blog post called “America is shaking”, Neven Andjelic shares his opinion on the United States (SRP): This big country is shaking. A number of events have caused the current condition. None of them has anything to do with my arrival to Berkley four months ago when I first...

Serbia: Finding Karadzic and Mladic

  20 December 2006

Finding Karadzic writes about a Belgrade paper's attempt to help find Karadzic and Mladic: “Belgrade's Glas Javnosti has just outed the top 99 aiders and abettors of Karadzic and Mladic. Such a move will doubtlessly put more pressure on these cronies, most of whom are not well known public figures....

Serbia: Belgrade

  20 December 2006

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia lists things he likes about Belgrade – as well as “other things”: “Beogradski radio: Every station, including the ones I don't like, has its individual character.”

Serbia: Video on CNN

  18 December 2006

In the next four months, a “travel to Serbia” commercial will be broadcast on CNN over 500 times (Serbia has paid half a million dollars for this) – but the country's secretary of tourism hasn't seen the ad yet, reports Belgrade 2.0. Also, Belgrade is updating its tourist maps but...

The Balkans: Lack of EU Translators

  14 December 2006

Neretva River writes about one more reason not to allow the Balkan states to join the EU: “…meetings are simply becoming too large and the EU is unable to cope with the demand for translators.”

Serbia: Belgrade Blog Roundup

  14 December 2006

From portraits of the city soul that abound in details of daily life to corruption allegations and the latest riots that occurred at a basketball game, find out more about this Balkan metropolis. Belgrade, Nov. 2005 – by seriocomico Dule Nedeljkovic writes about an ordinary morning in Serbia's capital (SRP):...

Serbia: Vojislav Seselj on Hunger Strike

  8 December 2006

As the parliamentary poll comes closer Vojislav Seselj‘s hunger strike makes good publicity for the Serbian Radical Party. He is accused of committing crimes against humanity as the leader of a paramilitary force during the civil war in Bosnia & Herzegovina. After all, most of the charges relate to verbal...

Serbia: Kosovo's Future

  7 December 2006

Wu Wei links to “the most detailed and authoritative prediction of what Martti Ahtisaari is going to say about Kosovo's status.” Neretva River wonders whether Russia's veto would plunge Kosovo into violence.

Serbia: Chinese Film Banned

  1 December 2006

“Just minutes before the movie Summer Palace (Serbian: Letnja Palata) […] rolled, Serbian authories came to the rescue and pulled the movie off the Festival because apparently China threatened to freeze all diplomatic activities with Serbia if the movie is shown,” reports Belgrade 2.0.