· October, 2006

Stories about Serbia from October, 2006

Serbia: The Referendum

  30 October 2006

Blog coverage of the referendum on the new Serbian constitution: at East Ethnia, here and here; at South East Europe Online, here; at Belgrade 2.0, here, here and here; at Dictionary of the Serbian Mess, here; and at Estavisti, here.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Exploring the Pyramid

  26 October 2006

“Bosnian Pyramid? – Visocica Hill” – by sjareb It's been over a year since the whole Bosnian pyramid media fuss started. Still, many talk about the possible discovery of Europe’s first step pyramid complex. The event is significant for Bosnia & Herzegovina's recovery, as it brings positive media attention and...

Serbia: Belgrade 2.0

  25 October 2006

Belgrade Inside Out merges with Belgrade Blog – and we now have Belgrade 2.0, equipped with a number of new features.

Croatia: Online Discussions Overview

  19 October 2006

Some Croats feel nostalgic when they think about Tito's Yugoslavia, which broke into pieces in 1992. Turbo Kvrcko posts a funny “Wanted” image that depicts why he misses the good old times (HRV): WANTED Josip Broz Tito Beyond reasonable doubt, he has committed the following “criminal acts”: he didn’t allow...

Serbia: Big Brother Mania

  12 October 2006

Serbian bloggers explore the Big Brother mania by talking about the basic idea behind the puzzlingly super-successful world-wide TV project. Most of them are stunned by the extent of the show's popularity, acquired in such a short period since its kick-off in the country. One of the communal house residents...

Serbia: A Bookstore in Pristina

  9 October 2006

Wu Wei writes about her favorite bookstore in Pristina, Kosovo: “I don't know why I find it so satisfying a place to browse. The stock presumably doesn't change that much, but it seems to get rearranged, so that new juxtapositions appear, surprising you and offering new discoveries. It's rather like...

Serbia: Debate on Media Depiction of Kosovo Children

  5 October 2006

B92 news have reported on the journalist association's reaction to the alleged mistreatment of children from Kosovo and Metohia (in further text K&M) during a talk show on national TV. Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) claims that the so-called public service TV tried to manipulate citizens in a...

Serbia: “Aphorisms”

  5 October 2006

Dictionary of the Serbian Mess translates some pretty hilarious political statements. Here's one: “This government unites the nation. Everybody is against it. – Zoran Stanojevic.”