· September, 2006

Stories about Serbia from September, 2006

Serbia: Torture Story Retraction

  29 September 2006

Balkan Ghost of Finding Karadzic has found out that a heartbreaking story about “the Sri Lankan-American Buddhist who was tortured by her Serb captors while on an aid mission during the Bosnian war, [was] fictional“: “I regret posting the story when my verification was incomplete. But I also believe that...

Serbian Blog Roundup

  29 September 2006

A house at the Golija Mountain – by Bogdan Cirovic At English section of Serbiancafe discussion board, Toshiba blogs out: Village of Rudno at Golija mountain is at altitude of 1200 meters. You would need four hours from Belgrade to get here by car. Beauties of one region are not...

Serbia: Oscar Nomination

  27 September 2006

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia writes about this year's Serbian nomination for the Oscars and reveals his own role in the production of the film.

Serbia: Belgrade Taxis

  22 September 2006

Belgrade Blog writes about the city's taxis: “Its a sad fact (or happy depending on your perspective) that educated taxi drivers are increasing in numbers.”

Notes on Montenegro and Transnistria

  22 September 2006

In his yesterday's Balkans Blog Roundup, Ljubisa Bojic quoted this passage on Montenegro by a Serbian blogger: […] I know how things operate down there. Its also a privatised state – I wonder how long it will be before the Europeans become intolerant of all those Russian businessmen who own...

Balkans Blog Roundup

  21 September 2006

On September 11, Viktor of Belgrade Blog writes: […] [Serbia] just won the water polo European championship, and here's a short video with the atmosphere from the streets of Belgrade (Kolarceva street, more precisely). It's like this, after all major successes in sports, but this is the first time we...

Eastern Europe: Video documents homophobia on the rise

  20 September 2006

The latest twist in the long-running saga of anti-gay violence and state oppression took place yesterday in Moscow, as an appeals court upheld the earlier lower court ruling to ban Moscow's Gay Pride March in May 2006. The gay rights activists who brought the case will now attempt to challenge...

Serbia: Belgrade Military Parade and Other Celebrations

  18 September 2006

Belgrade Blog writes about a military parade recently held in Serbia's capital. Also, there's a short video showing celebrations in Belgrade following victory of the Serbian waterpolo team: “…but this is the first time we did it under the name of Serbia, so cheers for that :)”

Serbia: Guca and Exit Music Festivals

  14 September 2006

Traditional Guca Trumpet Festival is held anually in Guca, a town hours south of Belgrade, near the city of Cacak, from Aug. 30 to Sept. 3. The event remains the main topic of the country’s bloggers these days. Their talk ranges from pure drivel about how it feels to have...

Serbia: “Symbolism”

  11 September 2006

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia writes that Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs agrees to this two-letter symbol for Serbia: SS.

Serbia: A Yugo in the US

  7 September 2006

D.R. Fairday of A Yugo in the US is blogging about stereotypical Serbs in the United States – and about himself: “*You have 17 consonants and 2 vowels in your last name. Close. It's 6:4, but Amers can't pronounce two of them, and they never put the accent where it...

Serbia: Ahtisaari and the Future of Kosovo & Metohia

  4 September 2006

Serbian forum dwellers are confused and terrified by the statements made by the UN representative Martti Ahtisaari, who is authorized to tackle international negotiations to determine the final status of Kosovo and Metohia (K&M in further text). During the set of negotiations held in Vienna on August 8, Ahtisaari announced...