· July, 2006

Stories about Serbia from July, 2006

Serbia: Talks of War

  31 July 2006

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia writes on the talks of war and the pains of forming a viable democratic coalition in Serbia.

Serbia: Ceca the Pop Star

  25 July 2006

Florian Bieber of East Ethnia writes about Ceca, a Serbian pop star, and her new album, Ideally Bad: “From gangster bride to heroic widow and Serbian J-Lo, she demonstrated a better sense of where Serbia is going than some political analyst.”

The Balkans: Graffiti Photos

  21 July 2006

Mat Savelli of Roma Roma posts a collection of the Balkan graffiti photos: “So, while “death to all Croats!” might give the impression that, say, Mostar east of the Neretva is a relatively intolerant place, there is every possibility that this was written in 1994. That being said, the fact...

Serbia: Government Changes

  20 July 2006

Doug Muir of A Fistful of Euros writes about changes in the Serbian government looming ahead: “So, elections in Serbia, probably this autumn, almost certainly by early next year.”

Serbia: Symbols of the 1990s (2)

  18 July 2006

Viktor of Belgrade Blog posts part 2 of the series about the 1990s in Serbia: “Walking down some streets all you could hear was buzzing and see money switch hands, dinars for deutch marks, deutch marks for dinars, depending on peoples needs. Why buzzing, you may ask yourself. Well, Dileri...

Serbia: Kosovo Policewoman

  18 July 2006

KosovaReports reposts an article about a Kosovo policewoman who has managed to bring order to a “troublesome” town.

Serbia: Symbols of the 1990s

  7 July 2006

Belgrade Blog begins a series of stories about the 1990s and their symbols in Serbia: “Popular monthypython-like TV shows of the time included jokes about trading a liter of blood for liter of gas and calling it ‘a good deal’.”

Serbia: Belgrade's Parking System

  7 July 2006

Brooke of Desperate Serbwife writes about Belgrade's unique parking system, a “hidden gem” that other countries seem not to appreciate enough to borrow: “When you park your car downtown, you pay for your parking by texting your license plate number to the parking officials and pay via your cell phone...

Serbia: Tourism

  7 July 2006

Belgrade Blog posts a rough translation of an article on tourism that appeared in a Serbian publication: “Some tourists complain that portions are too large in our restaurants. Often they are double the size of what you receive in Western eateries […]”

Serbia: Photographic Film on Serbia in the 1990s

  4 July 2006

Viktor of Belgrade Blog posts a film by journalist Nadezda Milenkovic, which “consists of pictures by Goranka Matic, one of our best photographers, showing Serbia in the nineties, and the voice you hear is Slobodan Milosevic and his twisted view on the world (that's why i didn't bother translating). You...