· June, 2006

Stories about Serbia from June, 2006

Serbia: Search for Mladic, Not For Karadzic

  28 June 2006

Balkan Ghost of Finding Karadzic reproduces an article by Nedim Dervisbegovic on the neglected search for Karadzic: “Pressure on Serbia to capture Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic keeps rising, but his wartime boss Radovan Karadzic seems almost forgotten.”

Serbia: Serbian Radical Party

  28 June 2006

Srdjan Cvijic of The TransAtlantic Assembly writes on how the pro-EU parties in Serbia can use “a sharp rise of the populist, ex-Milosevic ally, Serbian Radical Party.”

Belarus: The Language Issue

  27 June 2006

In a perfect world, languages would be nothing but a way for people to communicate with each other – no language would be considered superior or inferior, children would be encouraged to study as many as possible. In the real world, however, languages are being used as political and ideological...

Serbia: Football and the EU

  26 June 2006

Doug Muir of A Fistful of Euros writes about Serbia's poor performance at World Cup and the country's slim chances of getting into the EU anytime soon.

Serbia: War Criminal's Concert and the Country's Image

  23 June 2006

Viktor of Belgrade Blog writes about Serbia's image abroad. He also links to the text on a concert by a “Serbian war-criminal,” written by the Serbian writer Jasmina Tesanovic for BoingBoing: “There is no excuse for going to Ceca's concert (“Ideally Bad”) but I found one: I took a foreigner...

Serbia: 16.06.06, G(elsenkirchen), G(ermany)–>0:6

  19 June 2006

Viktor of Belgrade Blog posts pictures of Serbian fans watching the game against Argentina and writes that they “should have read the signs” to prepare themselves for the disastrous defeat: “But it all started so nicely… we first we beat such quality names in qualifications as Bosnia and Herzegovina, then...

Serbia: Wedding, Part 2

  19 June 2006

Meaghan of American For Hire posts part two of her report from a Serbian wedding: “That's right, we were there to buy the bride. While this was once a serious transaction, it's now done very much in the spirit of tradition and good fun. The negotiations were heated, with much...

Serbia: Government Paper Headlines

  12 June 2006

Dictionary of the Serbian Mess posts select headlines from back issues of Sluzbeni, “a 62-year-old official gazette of the Yugoslavian (now Serbian) government.” Here's one: “Year 1991, Act 682: Regulation of Yugoslavian standards of ceramic tiles. Somehow somebody somewhere decided it was really important to standardise ceramic tiles in 1991.”

Serbia: Wedding, Part 1

  12 June 2006

Meaghan of American for Hire gets invited to the wedding of her Serbian friend's friend and reports on the first part of it, which began at the groom's house and included a pair of accordions and a handgun in the groom's bag.

Serbia: Musings on Independence

  12 June 2006

Cvijus011 of Belgrade Blog shares his feelings on the life in Serbia after Montenegro gained its independence: “My personal opinion is that we shouldn't be desparate because others don't want to share the same state with us, but we should now work even harder towards prosperity and show to the...

Yugoslavia: Historical Building

  12 June 2006

Cvijus011 of Belgrade Blog writes about a Belgrade building in which, on December 1, 1918, “the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was proclaimed that later became Yugoslavia.”

The Global Voices Show #2

  10 June 2006

Episode #2 of the Global Voices Show has landed! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: XiaoQiao (Singapore) Africa Files: The Pulse (Canada/South Africa) BahasaPod (Indonesia) Kazakhstan Stories (Kazakhstan) Free Talk with Oon Yeoh (Malaysia) JameedKast (Jordan) The Kamla Bhatt Show (India) Radio Open Source (USA/Serbia &...

Serbia & Montenegro: One Team at World Cup

  8 June 2006

Serbia and Montenegro will play as one team for the last time in this year's World Cup. Doug Muir of A Fistful of Euros and Srdjan Cvijic of The TransAtlantic Assembly write about the team's chances.

Serbia & Montenegro: Belgrade Grand Prix 1939

  2 June 2006

Belgrade Blog writes about a forgotten historical event that took place in Belgrade on the day “France and Britain declared war on Nazi Germany as a reaction to Hitler's invasion to Poland” – the Belgrade Grand Prix 1939, a predecessor to Formula One.