· December, 2011

Stories about Russia from December, 2011

Russia: English-Language Tweets From the Moscow Rally

RuNet Echo  10 December 2011

@MiriamElder, @ioffeinmoscow, @shaunwalker7, @A_Osborn, @oflynnkevin, @agent_Alka, @courtneymoscow, @PeterGOliver_RT, @mschwirtz, @markmackinnon, @tonyhalpin, @Amiefr_Reuters, @RolandOliphant, @niktwick are tweeting live in English from the big protest rally that is taking place at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow right now; @agoodtreaty is monitoring Russian-language Twitter coverage of the protests in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia.

Russia: Anglophone Bloggers’ In-Depth Analyses of Dec. 4 Elections

RuNet Echo  10 December 2011

In-depth Anglophone blog commentary on the results of the Dec. 4 parliamentary elections in Russia: OpenDemocracy.net – here and here; Sean Guillory of Sean's Russia Blog on Al Jazeera – here; Siberian Light – here, here, and here; Sublime Oblivion – here; The Kremlin Stooge – here; Mark Adomanis –...

Russia: Protests (and Security Forces) in Moscow

RuNet Echo  10 December 2011

Siberian Light, Leopolis, and Mark Adomanis comment on the past week's post-election protests in Moscow. In Moscow's Shadows provides “a quick update as to the security forces available in the capital, not least as a counter to some of the more fanciful suggestions about the imminent victory of people power.”

Russia: Anglophone Bloggers Comment on Election and Protests

RuNet Echo  9 December 2011

Kevin Rothrock of A Good Treaty asks eleven Anglophone Russia bloggers to comment on the Dec. 4 parliamentary electionand its aftermath: “The result, I hope readers will agree, is a fruitful diversity of informed opinion from some of the Web’s most prominent and colorful Russia-watchers.” Kevin's own take on the...

Russia: Second Day of Post-Election Protests

RuNet Echo  7 December 2011

The intrigue of the second day of post-election protests has centered around several major events: court appearances by bloggers Ilya Yashin and Alexey Navalny, a protest demonstration at Triumfalnaya Square, and discussions regarding the Kremlin's soft-power counter-revolution and various means of cyber warfare.

Russia: Kremlin Removes Re-Tweet From Presidential Account

RuNet Echo  7 December 2011

RuNetizens were surprised to see president Medvededv re-tweet a message [ru] with cursing against bloggers. The re-tweet was removed, but Kremlin published an explanation that “illegal engagement with presidential account has been made” and that “those responsible will be punished.” Vedomosti reminded [ru] that recently Medveved had complained he couldn't respond to...

Russia: Election and the “Other Side of the Panopticon”

RuNet Echo  7 December 2011

The protests of recent days in Moscow were triggered by the common feeling of many Russians that the parliamentary election results are not legitimate. Gregory Asmolov analyzes the role of the Internet in exposure of falsifications and the power change between state and citizens in the new information environment.

Russia: The Revolt of “Net Hamsters”

RuNet Echo  5 December 2011

The day after the elections, Russians got together to rally against election fraud. Even though the United Russia party, according to preliminary results, is to lose some 77 seats compared to the previous Duma, most of the protesters considered the election to be neither fair, nor free.

Ashura Commemorations Around the World

  5 December 2011

Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is a period of mourning for Shia Muslims. Events reach a climax on Ashura, the tenth day of the month. Ayesha Saldanha reports on Ashura commemorations around the world.

Russia: No Violation of Election Violations

RuNet Echo  5 December 2011

Despite the many independent websites down due to DDoS-alypse, bloggers were able to share information on elections violations. The overall feeling online was expressed [ru] by @yar0slav: Falsification of elections continues without serious violations.

Russia: Massive DDoS Attacks Against Independent Websites on the Election Day

RuNet Echo  4 December 2011

An unprecedented wave of DDoS attacks [ru] against independent websites on the election day in Russia: sites affected include thenewtimes.ru, echo.msk.ru, novayagazeta.ru, kommersant.ru, publicpost.ru, slon.ru, Bolshoy Gorod (bg.ru), golos.org, ikso.org, ridus.ru, zaks.ru (Saint Petersburg), pryaniki.org (Tula), crowdsourcing platform “Karta Narusheniy” and the LiveJournal platform. Many media organizations are using Facebook and...

Russia: Last Words Before Pre-Election Silence

RuNet Echo  3 December 2011

Friday, December 2, is the last day when campaigning for the Russian parliamentary elections is legal. Russian bloggers share their views on the upcoming December 4 parliamentary vote - and their voting plans. Alexey Sidorenko reports.

Russia: Detained Member of Parliament Uses Live Mobile Broadcasting

RuNet Echo  2 December 2011

Ilya Ponomarev, member of Russian Duma, who was detained by Novosibirsk police [ru] due to “illegal distribution” of his party newspaper conducted live broadcasting via his mobile phone from the police station and responded to text messages from viewers. Finally, he was released by a police officer in front of his mobile...