· April, 2009

Stories about Russia from April, 2009

Georgia: Russian youth movement provocation

  18 April 2009

Wu Wei Thoughts from the Tao comments on news that the pro-Putin Nashi youth movement attempted to cross into Georgian territory during last week's protests in Tbilisi. The blog says that such an attempt will do nothing to help the opposition in its attempt to force the Georgian president to...

Russia, U.S.: YouTube Orchestra's Gennady Krutikov's Visa Ordeal

  15 April 2009

Podstantsiya, a Russian podcasting portal, posts an interview (RUS) with Gennady Krutikov, member of the Russian National Orchestra and one of the three Russian participants of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra project, who is on his way to the United States but will not be able to perform his part at...

Russia: Failed DDoS Attack

  14 April 2009

Profy writes about a misguided DDoS attack carried out by opponents of a Russian reality show, who “did not bother to check who exactly their attack will target” and hit a Dutch-owned logistics company instead of a Russian TV channel site.

Russia, Ukraine: Education in Russian/Ukrainian

  14 April 2009

Window on Eurasia writes about “a Russian activist [who] has written President Dmitry Medvedev asking that the Kremlin help Russian regions provide assistance to Russian-language schools in Ukraine.”

Russia: Notes on Moscow and Sochi Election

  14 April 2009

Mark MacKinnon shares his impressions of Moscow and writes about the upcoming election in Sochi: “Nemtsov has already had ammonia thrown at him by unknown assailants dressed in women's clothing and Volochkova has apparently now been disqualified for leaving her birthday off one of the documents she submitted with her...

Russia: Thoughts on Stalinism

  14 April 2009

Vadim Nikitin writes about Stalinism at Foreign Policy Association's Russia blog: “Stalinism was thus the political equivalent of the Columbine massacre, on a national scale.”

Russia, Belarus: Internet News Roundup

  13 April 2009

Svetlana Gladkova of Profy reports on the intention of the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service “to officially include Microsoft in the register of monopolies doing business in the country” and on president Medvedev's announcement that “the government of the country would be watching foreign investors coming to the internet market closer –...

Moldova: More on Social Media Aspect of Protests

  9 April 2009

Ethan Zuckerman writes about the social media and other aspects of the protests in Moldova: “I posted the following to Twitter: ‘NYTimes argues Twitter leads to Moldova riots. Moldovan gov’t blames Romania. Romania = Twitter? […]’ I got two interesting responses almost immediately. Dinu Popa noted: ‘[…] moldovan government blames...

Moldova: “A ‘Romanian’ Flavor”

  9 April 2009

MoldovAnn posts an update on Moldova, including notes on “a ‘Romanian’ flavor to the demonstrations” – and this on reports “that internet was cut off”: “Sasha said that external internet traffic had been shut down (ie Facebook, vKontakte, etc), but internal traffic had been and continues to be “on”, although...

Moldova: Overview of Blog Coverage of the Protests

  9 April 2009

For all the attention given to the impact of social media on the protests in Moldova in the past few days, there were people both in and outside Moldova who felt that media coverage of the events was inadequate. To somewhat fill this gap, here is a selection of posts from Anglophone and Russophone blogs.

Europe: Obama's Visit

  7 April 2009

Obama in Europe roundup: thoughts on Obama-Putin meeting and arms control – at Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces; BBC's Mark Mardell on Obama in Prague – here, here and here; notes on the Prague visit and link to Obama's speech – at Czechmatediary; The Reference Frame notes, among other things, that...

Russia, UAE: Sulim Yamadayev – Dead or Alive?

According to some sources, Sulim Yamadayev, former Chechen rebel commander and former commander of the Russian Vostok ("East") Battalion, was assassinated in Dubai on March 28. According to other sources, he survived the shooting. Below is a selection of bloggers' reactions to the conflicting media reports about the attack on Yamadayev.

Russia: Lenin Statue Bombed in St. Petersburg

  2 April 2009

What one saw in the April 1 post by LJ user drugoi looked like an April Fool's Day joke at first - a Photoshop prank, most likely: a photo of a statue of Vladimir Lenin in St. Petersburg, the Bolshevik leader's back to the Finland Train Station, with a huge hole torn in the lower part of his bronze overcoat. But the photo was taken by AP's Dmitry Lovetsky, and there were more available, from other sources, taken from different vantage points, so it must have been for real. And it was.