· August, 2006

Stories about Russia from August, 2006

Former Soviet Union: 15 Years Since the August Coup

  19 August 2006

Today is 15 years since the beginning of the events that some people consider (RUS) Russia's Orange Revolution – but which are better known as the August Putsch. This year, on August 20 and 21, memorial services will be held in Moscow for Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichevsky and Vladimir Usov,...

Ukraine: Trip to Kyiv

  18 August 2006

Moscow-based Digenis spends some time in Kyiv and compares it to Russia's capital, among other things.

Russia: Real Estate and Oil

  18 August 2006

Yuri Mamchur of Russia Blog examines whether there is a connection between real estate prices in Russia and the oil prices; his conclusion: “Even if the oil prices miraculously collapsed to $15 a barrel tomorrow, real estate prices in Russia will only continue to go up.”

Poland, Russia: Mutual Blockades and Other Issues

  17 August 2006

Copydude writes about the blockade of the Polish Port of Elblag by Russia, the visa blockade of Kaliningrad Russians by Poland, and other aspects of Poland's complex relationship with Russia on one side and Germany on the other.

Russia: Chechen Lawyer Beaten by Chechen Policeman

  17 August 2006

David McDuff of A Step At A Time translates a Prague Watchdog article about “force without justice”: “'Thereupon [the police station’s acting head], insulting both the lawyer and his client in language that can’t be quoted, leapt up from his seat and punched [the lawyer] in the face, after which...

Ukraine: Former Citizen Leads Israel Peace Movement

  16 August 2006

Sean's Russia Blog writes about Jana Kanapova, who emigrated from Ukraine 11 years ago and, together with Khulud Badawi, an Arab-Israeli from Haifa, is involved in the Women's Peace Coalition and the Ta'ayush organization.

Ukraine: Crimean Germans Deportation Anniversary

  16 August 2006

J. Otto Pohl writes about the 65th anniversary of the removal of the Crimean Germans to Kazakhstan, via North Caucasus, and about the impossibility of determining the exact number of Russian Germans deported in 1941.

Russia: Y2K Panic

  14 August 2006

Copydude writes about the groundless Y2K panic in the West: “It was one of many such reports which prompted Washington to evacuate all inessential staff from its embassies in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Meanwhile, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office declared two thirds of Russia’s airports unsafe and counselled...

Russia: Paratroopers’ Day Photos

  11 August 2006

LJ user sholademi posts pictures from this year's celebration of the Paratroopers’ Day in Moscow on June 2. He also reviews (RUS) what Russian bloggers have been saying about the day on which lots of people prefer to leave the city to avoid the paratroopers’ rough behavior.

Russia: Portraits of Putin

  11 August 2006

Samson Sholademi – LJ user sholademi, journalist of a Russian tabloid Express Gazeta – displays a unique drawing collection on his blog: portraits of Russia's president Vladimir Putin, made by children (mainly). There is Putin “relaxing at home, reading a book to his doggie Kony” (by Vika Lvova, 9), and...

Russia: Russian “Chochkas”

  10 August 2006

Michael Averko of Russia Blog writes about toy Soviet tanks, hammer-and sickle-and-red-star jerseys, two-headed-eagle sweatshirts: his favorite Russia-related “chochkas.”