· April, 2015

Stories about Russia from April, 2015

The Curious Chronology of Russian Twitter Bots

RuNet Echo  27 April 2015

Multiple Twitter accounts were created on the same day, sometimes within hours of each other. This trend, typical for automated bot networks, was evident throughout Alexander's pro-Kremlin bot sample.

A Response to the Kremlin-Bot Skeptics

RuNet Echo  24 April 2015

After Alexander's bot network analysis garnered massive attention from Russian media and social networks, he now addresses some of the skepticism about the bot networks and their provenance.

The ‘Beauty’ of Russian Homophobia

RuNet Echo  20 April 2015

Titled "Beautiful People and What They Say to Me," LGBT rights activist Lena Klimova posted photos of individuals in their everyday lives, and the threatening messages they’ve sent her online.