· May, 2014

Stories about Russia from May, 2014

Ukraine War in Real Time

RuNet Echo  27 May 2014

Last Friday Ukrainian violence became even more viscerally evident on the Facebook account of one of the cyber-punk, post-state, viral-citizen-armies operating in the region.

Russia's Hashtag Activism in Ukraine

RuNet Echo  23 May 2014

Russian activists are capitalizing on #BringBackOurGirls by framing in analogous terms Ukraine's capture of two Russian journalists, hoping for a similar groundswell of awareness and public outrage.

Sultan Suleimanov on the RuNet's Last Chance

RuNet Echo  17 May 2014

Suleimanov attended an invitation-only meeting at Roscomnadzor, the Russian government's chief censorship agency, which is tasked with enforcing a series of recent laws that limit the freedom of information online.

Russia's War of the Roses

RuNet Echo  8 May 2014

After the deadly fire in Odessa, and months of tensions between Moscow and Kiev, it's no surprise that a WWII memorial has become an important stage in Russian politics.

Dissecting the Dead in Odessa

RuNet Echo  5 May 2014

Vladimir Golyshev's text on the Odessan tragedy is an excellent representation of pro-Maidan bias, and it's worth reading as a typical case of how Kiev’s allies understand last week's tragedy.

Crowdsourcing Ukraine’s Rebellion

RuNet Echo  4 May 2014

Bloggers in Ukraine are turning to the Internet to publish the locations of troops in the country’s southeast, where the army is in the midst of a massive “counter-terrorist” operation against militants who have seized control of parts of major cities. A group called “Military Maps” on the Russian social...