· June, 2012

Stories about Russia from June, 2012

Russia: The War Over World War II

RuNet Echo  26 June 2012

Last Friday, NTV broadcast a controversial film titled, "I Serve the Soviet Union," a film about political prisoners fighting the Nazis only to be murdered by Soviet secret police. The screening lead to a scandal that involved patriotic bloggers, the Minister of Culture, and others. Kevin Rothrock reports.

Russia: Crowdsourcing Project for Finding Missing Children

RuNet Echo  20 June 2012

The emergence of the search and rescue team Liza Alert followed Liza Fomkina's 2010 disappearance in the town of Orekhovo-Zuevo (about 50 miles east of Moscow). Compensating for the government's flawed response, volunteers united in order to ensure nothing like it would ever happen again.

Poland, Ukraine: A Euro 2012 Roundup

  18 June 2012

Notes and musings on issues related to the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine: at Polandian – here, here, and here; at Memory at War – here; at Raf Uzar – here; at Politics, Economy, Society – here; at The Pipeline – here.

Russia: Interview with Jesse Heath of The Russia Monitor

RuNet Echo  17 June 2012

As an American lawyer and Anglophone blogger writing about Russia, Jesse Heath's work is distinct for its detailed focus on technical aspects of Russian law, economics, and politics. Kevin Rothrock recently spoke with Heath by telephone, to learn more about his history as a blogger and his contributions to the RuNet.

Russia: Bloggers Honor Tupac Shakur

RuNet Echo  17 June 2012

Highly intelligent and socially aware, Tupac Shakur embodied the plight of contemporary African Americans who struggle to overcome poverty and racism. RuNet bloggers have honored him by his story from beginning to end on the anniversary of his birth. (June 16, 1971 - September 13, 1996)

Russia: Returning to a State Monopoly on Violence?

  5 June 2012

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, both the mafia and private and military security companies stepped in to supplement domestic Russian law enforcement. One private security company owned by opposition politicians was recently shut down, leading some to speculate on political motivations.

Russia: Oppositionists Ponder Putin's Legacy

RuNet Echo  5 June 2012

With Moscow's next anti-government mass rally scheduled for 'Russia Day' on June 12, 2012, the protest movement reflects on May's 'Million Man March,' which ended in violent clashes between demonstrators and police. Who was to blame, and what are the prospects for Putin in his third presidential term? Masha Egupova reports.