· May, 2012

Stories about Russia from May, 2012

Russia: #OccupySeliger?

RuNet Echo  31 May 2012

Earlier this week, blogger and photographer Dmitri Ternovsky starred in the latest Nashi controversy, announcing on that he has agreed to lead the "Politics and Civic Society" section of pro-Kremlin group Nashi's 2012 summer festival at Lake Seliger. Dubbing the initiative "#OccupySeliger," Ternovsky says that he hopes to expand the opposition's message to a new audience.

Belarus, Russia: An Online Charity Auction with People for Sale

RuNet Echo  28 May 2012

The idea of auctions as a fundraising tool is not a new one in the charity world. Sometimes, there is even a market for people: dinners with celebrities and business-breakfasts are sold under the hammer, too. Now, Belorussian and Russian projects are putting this logic to use online today.

Russia: Alexander Semin – Insight into NHL/Post-Soviet Relations

RuNet Echo  26 May 2012

Euphoria spread across the nation on May 20, when Russia defeated Slovakia 6-2 in the Gold Medal match of the 2012 World Hockey Championship. The tournament provides insight into the modern interrelationship between NHL and post-Soviet Russia. Additionally, Alexander Semin provides an example of an instance where these two cultures diverge.

Russia: Q&A with Tina Kandelaki

RuNet Echo  24 May 2012

Tina Kandelaki is a Russian journalist, a TV celebrity and producer, a widely read blogger, and -- more recently -- a visible presence in Russian politics. Be it on the cover of Russian Maxim magazine or in her endorsement of Vladimir Putin, Kandelaki has aroused the interest and sometimes the ire of other prominent RuNet actors. Ms. Kandelaki recently spoke to GV about her public life.

Russia: The RuNet's Top 10 Political Slang Words

RuNet Echo  22 May 2012

Understanding political discussions in the Russian blogosphere requires a certain fluency in RuNet slang. For anyone interested in grasping the nuances of online satire and blogger arguments (or for those who seek to "troll" their own virtual opponents), the following list of ten popular slang terms should be particularly useful.

Russia: The RuNet's Enduring Tomatoes & Tusovki

RuNet Echo  18 May 2012

To a casual observer, the RuNet and the Russian protest movement seem current and contemporary. It is easy to forget, however, that the core of the RuNet and the protests it's inspired has now existed for almost a decade. Burning questions asked seven years ago about the true nature of major figures are still prominent today, such as questions about a certain Andrei Morozov.

Russia: NHL Stars Return to 2012 World Hockey Championship

RuNet Echo  17 May 2012

Undefeated after seven games, and boasting an All-Star lineup, the Russian national team will face Norway in the quarterfinal round of the 2012 World Ice Hockey Championship. Many bloggers have framed the story as a homecoming for Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin, with others reflecting on their complicated past in Russian international competition.

Global Voices Seeks Contributing Editor for RuNet Echo Project

RuNet Echo  16 May 2012

Global Voices is seeking a part-time Contributing Editor to support our coverage of Russian citizen media, as part of our RuNet Echo project. The project provides comprehensive and deep reporting on and analyses of the Russian-language online community. The purpose of the initiative is to deepen our coverage and analysis...

Russia: Duma Deputy Wants Criminal Liability for Extremist Tweets

RuNet Echo  15 May 2012

Yesterday, on May 14, Aleksandr Khinshtein, a Duma deputy and member of United Russia, wrote a letter to Yuri Chaika, the Prosecutor General of Russia. In that letter, Khinshtein noted emerging extremist trends on Twitter and Facebook, and called on the state to prosecute users who advocate violence and other illegal acts.

Russia: Website Appears Publishing Civil Servants’ Incomes

RuNet Echo  15 May 2012

The project "Public Profit" was established so that anyone interested could access information about the salaries of civil servants and state deputies. The information is compiled using public records and disclosed in accordance with Russian law. The published data are often surprising.

Russia: Yavlinsky Stir Reveals Opposition Rift

RuNet Echo  11 May 2012

True to Yabloko's troubled past and present, Yavlinksy's May 10 blog post criticizing protest escalations has upset many and pleased relatively few. Current developments in the opposition have widened the gap between populist dramatics and nuts-and-bolts politics.

Russia: Ustream.tv Attacked Over Russian Blogger

RuNet Echo  10 May 2012

On May 9, unknown parties launched a DDoS attack on the live feed website Ustream.tv. The attack was carried out from thousands of unique IPs based in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Iran, and was centered on one particular user, reggamortis1, who for the past four days has been covering opposition rallies and protests in Moscow.

Russia: Charity Crowdfunding

RuNet Echo  9 May 2012

There is no lack of successful 'people' projects, financed by private philanthropy. While much activity exists only in cyberspace, the effects of charitable organizations' work is quite tangible and real, and confidence in these groups is undiminished. The proof: the Tugeza ("Together") community

Russia: Putin's Return Rouses Online Polemics

RuNet Echo  9 May 2012

In the wake of protests against Vladimir Putin's inauguration, the reactions of Russian bloggers demonstrate a wide spectrum of opinion online. That oppositionist activism has suddenly taken on a more radical tone has only further inflamed the passions of already polemicized observers.

Russia: Violence Plunges Opposition into Debate About Tactics

RuNet Echo  7 May 2012

Yesterday, the Russian opposition's mass protests against Vladimir Putin for the first time produced mass violence. Dozens of protesters and police officers alike reported injuries, with several on each side requiring hospitalization. Why did yesterday's rally at Bolotnaia Square, the site of two previous peaceful demonstrations, end with blood spilled and Muscovites brawling?

Russia: Surprise Resignations Threaten New Governor Elections

RuNet Echo  7 May 2012

On April 25, the Russian Duma passed a law that restored direct elections of federal governors, reversing a policy of direct presidential appointments. A few days later, Medvedev accepted the resignations of two governors, leading to fears that the Kremlin is reneging on promises to loosen its grip on central power.

Russia: Varlamov's Failure in Omsk

RuNet Echo  4 May 2012

Ilya Varlamov, the Moscow photographer and popular blogger whom an online primary nominated last month to run for mayor of Omsk, has ended his election campaign. Varlamov provoked a serious rift between the Russian opposition's supporters and opponents of 'blogger politicians' when he entered the race, and that debate has only grown more heated now that he's out.

Russia: Tolstoy's ‘War and Peace’ Legacy Today

RuNet Echo  4 May 2012

RuNet Echo continues its series examining the 200th anniversary of Tsarist Russia's Victory over Napoleon by examining Leo Tolstoy's novel 'War and Peace' and the role it plays today online. On the RuNet, discussions about 'War and Peace' and Tolstoy's literary style are common, addressing a variety of issues both linguistic and social.

Russia: Crowdsourcing to Solve Local Urban Problems

RuNet Echo  3 May 2012

Solving problems at the local level, the kind encountered by inhabitants of big cities and regional centers, is becoming more and more feasible thanks to projects based on crowdsourcing technology. Crowdsourcing is getting groups of people involved in the discussion and resolution of all sorts of different problems, ranging from firefighting to election-monitoring.