· December, 2010

Stories about Russia from December, 2010

Russia: Internet 2010 Overview

RuNet Echo  31 December 2010

2010 highlighted several important trends of Russian Internet. Online audience grows very fast with people getting more news online and actively using social networks. In a lot of ways, 2010 brought a recognition of the power of the Internet into Russian society.

Russia: Regional Minister Hired Through Internet

RuNet Echo  28 December 2010

A new minister for information technologies of Russia's Ulyanovsk region has been found through Internet [RUS]. Elena Balashova, 35,  was one of 2,563 people who submitted their online applications for the position. The candidates used Livejournal to share their professional plan and were interviewed via Skype.

Russia: Author of Wildfires Internet Meme is Prosecuted by Police

RuNet Echo  28 December 2010

A blogget top-lap, an author of a famous blog post [ENG] demanding “rynda” from Vladimir Putin and criticizing the state's response to Russian wildfires closed his blog [ENG] and disappeared. In the last posts, he wrote [RUS] that Russian police conducted a search at his home, took his computer and...

Russia: List of Regional Governors’ Online Tools

RuNet Echo  23 December 2010

“Vedomosti” newspaper, published [RUS] a detailed list of online tools of Russian regional governors. The list includes links to personal websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, and even YouTube channels.

Russia: Newspaper Announces Its Partnership with Wikileaks

RuNet Echo  22 December 2010

Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta known for its critical stance toward Russian authorities announced today its official partnership with notorious Wikileaks. This came as a punch toward less-known magazine Russian Reporter that, until now, claimed to be the official partner of Wikileaks.

South/North Korea: A Review of 2010 in Keywords

  20 December 2010

From Cheonan incident in March to the latest North Korean attack on Yeonpyeong island, Global Voices took a look back at the year’s hottest keywords that have been widely circulated over Korean internet venues.

Russia: Studying Online Mobilization of the Manezh Riots

RuNet Echo  15 December 2010

Recent riots on Manezhnaya Square next to the Kremlin showed that Russian soccer fans have become a powerful community who can mobilize thousands very quickly around an event. Last week, that  event was the commemoration of Yegor Sviridov, a fan of the Moscow soccer club “Spartak” who was murdered in...

Russia: Police Intensifies Surveillance ‘to Prevent Calls to Violence’

RuNet Echo  15 December 2010

Special services are monitoring social networks and track IP-addresses of those who spread calls to violence, rian.ru reports [RUS]. Vkontakte.ru, Russian social network, increased removal of the groups with xenophobia content after the events at Manezh square. “600 moderators work on removal of groups inciting hate-crime”, rian.ru adds [RUS].

Russia: the Blogosphere Boils As Ethnic Clashes Flood Moscow

RuNet Echo  15 December 2010

Interfax.ru, Russian news portal moved to manual update mode due to the overload caused by numerous ethnic clashes (so far 1200 arrested and 30 injured) in different places of Moscow, news2.ru reported. Fanat1k.ru, largest soccer fan media outlet, has been inaccessible throughout the day, many smaller fan forums don't load...