· February, 2007

Stories about Russia from February, 2007

Russia: New Magazine

  26 February 2007

Russian Marketing Blog writes about iVAN, a strange new Russian magazine: “Most of magazine’s article are dialogues between Ivan and experts in six areas: photo, video, audio, computers, play consoles, home cinemas, cars, gadgets and mobile phones. ‘Ivan follows the search algorithm of a typical college educated, 25-45 aged male’...

Russia: Moscow Night Clubs

  26 February 2007

Two-Zero reviews Moscow's club scene – here and here: “There we were, 3 Westerners with Berlin style club wear against a huge club full of young and mostly beautiful rich Russians with any designerwear you could think off.”

Russia: Feb. 23; Hatred for Bush

  26 February 2007

How do young men of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk celebrate the Army Day? Why do Russians hate George W. Bush? Tim Newman of White Sun of the Desert answers these questions – here and here.

Russia: Feb. 23

  26 February 2007

Thadhaea and Scraps of Moscow desribe what the Army Day in Russia feels and looks like.

Russia: One Blogger's Dream Come True

  25 February 2007

LJ user bogomolov (Aleksandr Bogomolov, a Russian journalist) shares this story about a dream come true (RUS): An old joke, very good, very clever: Two Soviet violinists are in the same train compartment, on the way back home from abroad, from an international music competition. The first one, a “plainclothes”...

Europe: Pre-Lent Celebrations

  23 February 2007

Wu Wei writes on Pancakes racing in Britain on Shrove Tuesday, Uzgavenes in Lithuania, Maslenitsa in Russia, and Kurentovanje in Slovenia. Nami-Nami shares a recipe of Estonian lenten buns.

Russia: New Registration Law

  22 February 2007

Sean's Russia Blog posts a transcript of the briefing by a high-ranking Russian migration service official: “As I’ve already indicated, the adoption and enforcement of the January 15 migration law has caused confusion among administrators, police, officials, and foreigners alike. Nothing points to this confusion more than the following transcript...

Russia: Vladimir Vladimirovich™ Translated

  22 February 2007

Scraps of Moscow translates three episodes of Vladimir Vladimirovich™ that “deal with last week's promotions of Sergei Ivanov and Ramzan Kadyrov.” Also, see photos of the Soviet-time soda machines taken in Moldova and Uzbekistan.

Eastern Europe: Dubious Architecture

  22 February 2007

Copydude – and Vilhelm Konnander, in a comment – discuss the House of Soviets in Kaliningrad, Russia, the Resurrection Church in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Konstantinov’s Central Post Office in Skopje, Macedonia, as well as a few other “dubious” architectural monuments.

Russia: Ivan Ushkov's Case

  22 February 2007

Ivan Ushkov, a St. Petersburg artist, had his computer and some of his work confiscated by the police; officers threatened to shut down his photo business located on Nevsky Prospekt. Both the Russian blogosphere and the media are abuzz about this ongoing controversy. Ushkov's work can be viewed here; English...

Russia: Dissecting Thomas Friedman

  21 February 2007

In an email to a blogger friend, Lyndon of Scraps of Moscow explains beautifully what Thomas Friedman's Russia column is really about. La Russophobe guest-blogs at length on the same subject at Publius Pundit.

Russia: “Commissars of the Internet”

  21 February 2007

Read this week's installments of La Russophobe‘s translation project, which attempts to explain why the discourse at so many Russian forums often gets so unbearably filthy – and which, according to La Russophobe, also “exposes how the Kremlin is attempting to take control of the Internet. On Monday, we read...

Russia: Gvardeysk vs the West

  21 February 2007

As the West is about to install missile defense in Poland, Copydude predicts big problems for a Russian border town with a military name, Gvardeysk.