· January, 2007

Stories about Russia from January, 2007

Russia: Amber

  31 January 2007

Copydude writes about the sorry state of the Baltic ecology and about the amber mines of Kaliningrad.

Poland: The Soviets’ Nuclear Arsenal

  31 January 2007

The beatroot writes about the “now unclassified documents which show that Poland was nothing more than a buffer to the West for the Soviets and one that they could afford to make into a nuclear desert!”

Russia: Litvinenko a Target

  30 January 2007

La Russophobe posts parts of a report from the Polish newspaper Dziennik on the use of Aleksandr Litvinenko's image for target practice by the FSB, and links to a video and photos.

Russia: Roma Wedding and Christmas

  26 January 2007

The flag of the Roma people. According to Wikipedia, it “was approved at the First World Romani Congress in 1971, held in London, UK. The flag consists of a background of dark blue and green, representing the heavens and earth, respectively. The flag also contains a red chakra, or spoked...

Russia: Cops vs Tourists

  26 January 2007

Russia Blogs warns tourists of some of the dangers of Russia travel: “But there is also a dark side to the extended holidays for unsuspecting travelers visiting Russia’s cities – namely, Russian cops shaking down foreigners for bribes because they lack valid stamps on their visas.”

Russia: “Kremlin, Inc.”

  25 January 2007

Robert Amsterdam scans and posts a 14-page New Yorker article on Russia, which is not yet available online (“Kremlin, Inc.: Why are Vladimir Putin's Opponents Dying“).

Latvia: Border Dispute

  25 January 2007

Marginalia writes about Latvia's border dispute with Russia and about “putting things in order”: “When a state “puts things in order,” it has a sad tendency to forget real people and real places, methinks.”

Russia, Estonia: Advice to Teens

  24 January 2007

Itching for Eestimaa has some advice for the Russian youth: “I guess every country needs its enemies. But the idea of tiny Estonia being enemy enough to evoke ire among Russian teenagers is cause for concern. Haven't they got better things to do? Discoteques to attend? Ladies to romance? Careers...