· November, 2006

Stories about Russia from November, 2006

Ukraine: Famine Recognized As Genocide

  29 November 2006

Kyiv, Nov. 25: Remembering Holodomor (Famine) Victims – by Veronica Khokhlova At the Holodomor Remembrance ceremony held in Kyiv on Saturday, Nov. 25, a big board listed the countries that have recognized the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 as genocide: Australia, Argentina, Georgia, Estonia, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Hungary. Next...

Belarus: CIS Scandal

  29 November 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog writes about the scandal involving Russian journalists that broke out during the CIS summit in the Belarusian capital. Also, there's a post about the pain the summit is causing to downtown Minsk.

Russia: “DPNI-Light”

  28 November 2006

Sean's Russia Blog writes that in Russia, “The race struggle has replaced the class struggle, and the ‘illegal’ stands in for the ‘kulak’.”

Russia: Suleiman Kerimov

  28 November 2006

Russia Blog writes about Suleiman Kerimov, a Russian billionaire and PM from Vladimir Zhirinovsky's party, who got into a car crash in southern France and is now “in coma with burns over 70% of his body,” while his black Ferrari Enzo has been torn apart and its fuel tank exploded.

Russia: Unusual Protest

  24 November 2006

The Turkish Invasion and Very Russian write about today's very unusual demonstration in Moscow. LJ user 50×50 posts photos.

Russia: Litvinenko's Death

  24 November 2006

Aleksandr Litvinenko, a 43-year-old ex-KGB/FSB lieutenant-colonel and a harsh opponent of the Kremlin, died Thursday night of radiation poisoning in London, where he lived under asylum since 2000. In his deathbed statement read out by his friends, Litvinenko was addressing (and implicating) Vladimir Putin: […] You may succeed in silencing...

Arabisc: Plagiarism, Arrests, Bans and Democracy!

  23 November 2006

The Arabs are as usual busy this week debating anything and everything, from plagiarism to the arrest of bloggers, and from banning public meetings to embarrising George Bush Senior at a conference held in the UAE. Ahmed from Egypt had always wanted to become a journalist. But because not all...

Russia: Litvinenko Poisoning

  21 November 2006

Sean's Russia Blog writes about the investigation of Anna Politkovskaya murder and the alleged poisoning of former FSB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko.

Russia: Moscow Traffic Management

  21 November 2006

Ruminations on Russia criticizes Moscow's mayor: “Moscow's traffic is becoming legendary. Yury Mikhailovich who has clearly never read a single traffic management article in his life has determined that the best way to deal with this is not to invest in more communal transport but to widen the road.”

Iran:An Iranian Refugee Family in Danger

  20 November 2006

Ardeshir Dolat talks about an Iranian refugee family living which has made its home an airport in Moscow. According to the blogger, the Russian authorities now want to deport the family to Iran – something that the family is convinced will be devastating to their lives and safety.You can watch...