· January, 2006

Stories about Russia from January, 2006

Russia: Forging Uzbek Ties

  23 January 2006

Tim Newman says that Russia's new deal for Uzbek gas is yet another piece of evidence that charges that US policy towards Uzbekistan was driven by a desire for gas and oil are utterly false.

Russia: Day Watch

18 January 2006

Russia Marketing Blog reports that a new movie, Dnevnoy Dozor (Day Watch), is smashing Russian box office records and raking in lots of profit.

Russia: Shoot the Birds

13 January 2006

Nomad Notes reports that Russia's eccentric Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed shooting all migratory birds as they fly into the country to prevent bird flu.

Russia: Rodina's Calendar

12 January 2006

Russia Blog reports on the Rodina (Motherland) party's proposal to return to the Julian calendar..

Ukraine: Gas Deal Not Bad

  6 January 2006

Orange Ukraine says that the new gas deal between Russia and Ukraine is not bad, and breaks down the good and bad in it.

Bulgaria: No to Gazprom

  6 January 2006

With Bulgaria refusing to pay higher prices to Gazprom, Veronica Khokhlova wonders why no on in Russia is accusing them of lies and thievery..

Russia: Moroz vs. Claus

3 January 2006

Russian Marketing Blog reports on the battle between Santa Claus and Ded Moroz in Russia. (Ded Moroz is the Russian Santa. Kind of…)

Russia: Investing in Gazprom

3 January 2006

With Gazprom in the news thanks to its row with Ukraine over gas prices, Tim Newman, noting that Russia has been concerned for a while about the lack of foreign investment in the company, says why betting on a horse is a more sound investment strategy.