· September, 2005

Stories about Russia from September, 2005

Muddy Waters

29 September 2005

Siberian Light discusses Vladimir Putin's muddying of the waters regarding his plans beyond his current presidential term.

Russian Marketing Technology

29 September 2005

Russian Marketing Blog reports on Russian grafitti avoidance technology for light box advertisers.

Russia's Cheese Boom

28 September 2005

Ruminations on Russia says that while Russia's cheese industry is booming, serious supply problems are discouraging investment.

Russia's New Patron Saint

27 September 2005

siberianlight.net reports that the Russian Orthodox Church has just named a new patron saint for long range nuclear bombers.

Rising Gasoline Prices

23 September 2005

Charles Ganske of the Russia Blog reports that just like in the United States, rising gasoline prices are a big issue in Russia at the moment.

North Korea: Business as usual

  21 September 2005

NKZone wraps up the aftermath of Monday's North Korean nuclear agreement, saying Pyongyang has already reneged on the Beijing statement.

North Korea: Nuke-free pledge

  19 September 2005

One Free Korea takes apart, in a point-by-point analysis, the unexpected announcement that North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for security and assistance guarantees from the other five parties to the China-brokered talks.

Supermajors Seek Russian Oil

15 September 2005

White Sun of the Desert reports on President Putin's upcoming meeting with major Western oil companies seeking access to Russian oil reserves.

Krylatskoe Station

15 September 2005

As part of its “End of the Line Series,” Scraps of Moscow has images and text from Krylatskoe Station, the end of the light-blue line.

Mike Tyson Continues His Russian Tour

15 September 2005

Neeka's Backlog reports that Mike Tyson continues his travels in Russia. He is now in the Chechen city of Gudermes for the opening of a boxing tournament commemorating Akhmad Kadyrov.

Russian: Brekher clip

14 September 2005

Neeka posts a mystifying and hilarious audio clip in which an unknown caller and a directory assistance operator search for the mysterious letter “kh”.

Russia: Chechen singer beaten

13 September 2005

One Step at a Time reports on the beating last week of Chechen singer-songwriter Liza Umarova in a Moscow street.

Russia: European security

9 September 2005

Nathan wishes, via Registan, that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) would stand up to Russia's petulant demands.

Russia: Attempting re-entry

8 September 2005

Scraps of Moscow has recently re-located to the United States from Russia, and reports strange withdrawal symptoms, like not wanting to speak English loudly in front of the cops.

Russia: Maybe he won't

7 September 2005

Siberian Light‘s Andy, sitting in a Burger King in Glasgow Airport, wonders if Russian President Vladimir Putin will indeed step down at the end of his second term, as is required by the constitution.

Russia: Old flame

7 September 2005

Neeka hangs out with a former love, beautiful but terribly damaged, and is relieved to discover she can recover the good memories but doesn't have to go back to old times.

Russia: Meet the National Bolsheviks

2 September 2005

Neeka's Backlog takes us on an introductory tour of the muscular posters and uncompromising ideology that are offered by Russia's National Bolshevik Party to attract support.