· July, 2005

Stories about Russia from July, 2005

Russia: What goes around…

28 July 2005

Registan.net reports on the rumor that Boris Yelstin may make a political comeback. The reasoning is something like he's the only political figure with the authority to challenge Putin, so he may be put up by anti-Putin forces.

Russia: Spammer Murdered

26 July 2005

Digenis.org reports that Russia's most notorious spammer was found beaten to death in his apartment over the weekend. It's unknown if his brutal murder was connected to his spamming activities.

Russia: US Ambassador's closing remarks

21 July 2005

Siberian Light covers the departing remarks of Alexander Vershbow, the outgoing US Ambassador to Russia. He also points to a short profile he did of incoming ambassador.

Blog de Connard: Who needs that hotel anyway?

11 July 2005

Blog de Connard reports that engineers tearing down an old Moscow hotel discovered a huge cache of explosives in the foundation of the building. The metric tonne of explosives were to be used to blow up the building if Hitler's army had taken Moscow.

Eastern Europe, Russia, NIS & Central Asia Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

The Russian Dilettante points out that the roots of the Solidarity movement in Poland were profoundly nationalistic and that if it were to rise again, the Western press would probably dismiss it as “right-wing”. An updated travel warning for Uzbekistan was issued over the weekend, notes Registan. They believe that...

Monday: Eastern Europe, Russia, NIS & Central Asia

  4 July 2005

Afghan Lord has been receiving threats, and discovers they're coming from an IP address associated with the BBC. (More on this in a separate post coming soon.) Onnik Krikorian at Oneworld Multimedia reports on Vardavar, an ancient Armenian festival in which people douse each other with water. Sounds a bit...