· April, 2008

Stories about Romania from April, 2008

Romania: NATO Summit

  2 April 2008

Andy of Csíkszereda Musings writes about the NATO Summit in Bucharest: “Bucharest is being flooded with loads of violent, aggressive and corrupt criminals. Any sane immigration policy would have kept these people out of the country and turned them back at the airport, but Romania instead is welcoming them and...

Romania: NATO Summit and Bucharest Traffic

  2 April 2008

Stan Faryna translates a Romanian bloggers' report on traffic in Bucharest on the first day of the NATO Summit: "After listening to the discouraging morning traffic report on the radio, I was surprised to find traffic was lighter than usual (like a quiet Sunday)."

Romania: NATO Summit & Civil Rights

  2 April 2008

Stan Faryna writes at length about the NATO Summit, which has opened in Romania's capital today, and reviews reactions in the Romanian citizen media: “As the minutes ticks closer to the start of today’s NATO Summit in Bucharest, some Romanian bloggers question the zeal of their leaders in ensuring there...

Romania: NATO Summit in Bucharest

  2 April 2008

Mihnea Dumitru announces his plans to leave the city for the duration of the NATO Summit in Bucharest, which begins today: “In a perfect show of support for my government and its intentions to transform the capital into a no-man’s land where nothing can possibly go wrong, I have decided...