· November, 2007

Stories about Romania from November, 2007

Romania: More on the Election and Referendum

  20 November 2007

TOL's Romania writes more about Nov. 25: “A date that will mean a lot for the political landscape of Romania. The European elections will be the first in a series of 5 electoral processes in Romania in less than 2 full years. So they will be seen as an indicator...

Romania: Upcoming Election and Referendum

  20 November 2007

Kosmopolit writes about the Nov. 25 referendum on changing the voting system in Romania – and on the not-so-popular election to the European Parliament: “…being elected for the European Parliament would mean being “banned” from the Romanian political scene exactly in the important electoral year 2008 (with presidential and parliamentary...

Europe: Gastarbeiter

  15 November 2007

Romanians aren't too welcome in Italy, Poles aren't too welcome in Britain. Pestcentric reviews the situation with migrant laborers from the EU's new member states.

Romania: Corruption

  2 November 2007

Transatlantic Politics writes about corruption and impunity in Romania: “If the current trends in the Romanian justice system are kept, the EU might very soon deal with one great failure of the enlargement process: a member state with a dysfunctional rule of law and ramping corruption.”