· January, 2007

Stories about Romania from January, 2007

Ukraine, Romania: Serpent Island Dispute

  29 January 2007

Ukraine List writes about a Ukrainian-Romanian dispute over Serpent Island: “The island itself is just a small chunk of limestone (.17 km sq.) with a layer of topsoil. […] The geo-political history of the island is a bit complex […].”

Romania: EU Residency Permit

  26 January 2007

Csikszereda Musings has just received his third residency permit for Romania in two years: “Because now, of course, Romania is in the EU, and my ability to stay here is determined by that new status. (Romanians can't stay in the UK longer than 3 months, but fortunately for me the...

Romania: On Resourcefulness

  26 January 2007

Romerican reports on the amazing resourcefulness of Romanians: “When you have given up all reasonable hope of finding a corkscrew and resigned yourself to suffering without wine, the ingenious engineering mind of the typical Romanian kicks into second gear and — come hell or highwater — finds a method to...

Romania: Media vs Blogs

  26 January 2007

Owlspotting writes about the situation with the Romanian mainstream media and bloggers: “So my problem with hailing Romanian bloggers as the salvation of Romanian journalism (or at least a serious threat to it) is that we’re comparing apples and oranges. Good journalism, great writing and great reporting is what anybody–no...

Ukraine, Romania: The Bridge

  22 January 2007

Ukraine List reports that a bridge has finally been constructed to connect two villages – one in Ukraine, the other in Romania: “The bridge was even the subject of a documentary by Romanian director, Ileana Stanculescu, called appropriately The Bridge. The short (75 min.) film came out in 2004 and...

Romania: Bucharest Celebrates

  8 January 2007

Romerican writes and posts pictures on the recent celebrations in Romania's capital: “The 2007 Revelion wasn’t going to be just another celebration of a new year. No, no, it was going to be hand-in-hand with official admission of Romania into the EU. In other words, a momentous occasion which happens...

Romania: Media Attention

  8 January 2007

Andy H of Csikszereda musings is willing to talk to the press: “Still, if anyone else wants to contact me to pick my brains on the EU, Romania and the relationship between Romania and Britain, take this as a come hither look with a saucy wink.”

Romania: “Crumbs”

  3 January 2007

Csikszereda Musings writes about the two-day New Year's partying ordeal: “Crumbs is this: The next day after a party, in the afternoon, you all go back to the house of the party to have lunch, and basically reminisce about the night before. Lunch, of course, being all the leftovers from...

Romania: Singing Carols

  2 January 2007

“Memories from Romania: On the last day I spent in [Onesti] many of the students came to the Cancelarie (staff room) to sing carols for the teachers. I had absolutely no idea they had prepared this, an absolutely delightful memory to take away :)” – by L-plate big cheese Romania...

Bulgaria, Romania: New EU Members

  2 January 2007

Europhobia writes about Europe's muted reaction to the arrival of the EU's two new members on Jan. 1: “Personally, I reckon the lack of coverage and debate is thanks to a profound sense of embarrassment. It’s hard, after all, to feel much enthusiasm about the addition of those particular bastions...