· August, 2006

Stories about Romania from August, 2006

Moldova, Romania: Music

  30 August 2006

Peter Myers of Adventures in Moldova writes about themes in Moldovan folk music. WorkingDefinition writes about the “inescapable” music in Romania.

Romania: Anatolian Carpets in Brasov

  15 August 2006

Carpetblog walks into a cathedral in the town of Brasov, Romania, and discovers one of the best European collections of Anatolian carpets of the 17th and 18th century.

Romania: Countryside Travel

  11 August 2006

Mat Savelli of Roma Roma writes more about his travel in the rural Romania, which included a quick visit to a synagogue and another quick visit to Elie Wiesel's childhood house.

Romania: Spain-Based Diaspora

  11 August 2006

Andy H. of Csikszereda Musings writes about the Romanians living in Spain and how “Romanian has become shorthand for all Eastern European immigrants” in Western Europe.

Romania: Hotel Casablanca

  9 August 2006

Mat Savelli of Roma Roma posts a Romanian tourism commercial and, as if to illustrate how inaccurate it is, follows up with an account of his stay in the town of Satu Mare.

Romania: Saturday Morning Cacophony

  7 August 2006

Romerican writes about the cacophony of a Saturday morning in Romania – and posts some pictures. A reader awards this post with “the Golden Electric Whistle Award for making [her] snort chocolate milk from laughing so hard.”