· May, 2006

Stories about Romania from May, 2006

Romania: Sarmalele Reci

  26 May 2006

Romerican writes about a Romanian band called Sarmalele Reci: “Sarmale is a traditional Romanian dish. Basically, it’s rice, pork, and spice rolled into cabbage leaves and baked. We can haggle over recipe details another day. Sarmalele is the articulated plural form of sarmale, yet they are pronounced the same way....

Lithuania: Eurovision Mania

  23 May 2006

Andy H of Csikszereda Musings writes about the Eurovision Song Contest, which he watched in Lithuania this year: “Lithuania got maximum points from Ireland, in what I thought was testament to the Irish love of a good joke, but was told today that it’s because there are loads of Lithuanians...

Romania: Getting Internet Service Through Romtelecom

Romerican writes about what it takes to get internet access through Romtelekom and predicts the company's future: “I predict Romtelecom will dwindle in the face of competition as the telecom market slowly cracks open here to VoIP companies and international competitors.”

Romania: Diacritical Marks

  2 May 2006

Andy H of Csikszereda Musings writes on how Romanians and Hungarians treat their diacritical marks differently: “A few days ago, for example, I wrote a post entitled Happy Paste. Now ‘Paste’ was the way I had seen the Romanian word for Easter written, and it amused me that it was...